Telstra’s Spacetime Marketing Report has landed (feat. booodl)


Telstra recently released their Spacetime Marketing white paper. A detailed report into the future of retail marketing for the connected customer.

Are you tired of the endless stream of ‘how-to’ marketing content clogging up your inbox? Are you keen to stay ahead of the curve but don’t know how? Or are you simply curious about the next big thing in retail marketing?

Well, look no further! Telstra has just released their Spacetime Marketing Whitepaper. It’s a painstakingly researched report that details how you can ‘take the holy grail of timely, relevant and value messaging to the next level to tap into shopper habits, locations and preferences.’

The report covers:

  1. Spacetime Marketing in Action
  2. Customer-centric marketing practices in the spacetime era
  3. On the near horizon: technologies transforming retail
  4. How to get started with spacetime marketing

Why should I care about Spacetime Marketing?

The impending arrival of Amazon in Australia has meant that retail businesses must quickly create a consumer experience that differentiates against Amazon and delights customers. The intersection of technology and location/customer-centric marketing is critical to this.

Retail businesses need to create first class physical retail experiences that leverages their locations and employees. If you want to read an in-depth analysis of the arrival of Amazon in Australia and what this means for retail businesses click here.

If you are someone with a remit in marketing then the report is a must-read. With that said, it’s a compelling read for anyone in the retail industry. You can download the entire report here.

Where does booodl feature in the report?

booodl features on page 14 but just to be really helpful we have pasted booodl’s section below:


In summary, read the report, starting investing in technology that provides a world class experience for your shoppers and shoot through any questions to!

Until next time,

The booodl team

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