In the words of… InStitchu co-founder, Robin McGowan

InStitchu brings together the best of online and in-store shopping. The menswear business, started by friends James Wakefield and Robin McGowan in Sydney in 2011, offers made-to-measure, bespoke suits and shirts that can be ordered online and delivered to your door in three to four weeks. We caught up co-founder Robin to learn more about InStitchu and their unique business model.


What we do:

InStitchu offers made-to-measure men’s suits and shirts through an online store. Founded by myself and my long-time friend James Wakefield, InStitchu has quickly become a leading online provider of high quality, tailor-made menswear.

Our business works via a simple online ordering process. Customers simply add measurements to their profile then a suit or a shirt can be ordered within a few minutes and delivered in three to four weeks to their doorstep. For a more personal and unique experience, customers can also visit our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Auckland showrooms.

Image via InStitchu.

How we came to be:

InStitchu was launched in 2011 when James and I realised the difficulty of building our professional wardrobes. After our friend came home with a tailor-made suit from Thailand, we realised we could do something about it, leveraging the internet to bridge the gap between high-end tailors in Asia and consumers all over the world.

Where online and in-store meet:

InStitchu’s business strategy is all about bringing flexibility for the customer into an industry steeped in time-consuming tradition. While we recognise the importance of providing a physical showroom for customers, we also understand that not everyone has time for this experience. We provide a convenient online store, for our time-poor customers to simply enter their measurements and have a made-to-measure suit posted out to them.

This omnichannel approach grants our customers the flexibility to shop according to variances in their lifestyle and consumer preferences.

Modern consumers don’t have the traditional spending patterns retail businesses are used to taking advantage of. Consumers want to buy anywhere, anytime. With nearly two-thirds of Australians having made purchases over their phones, mobile compatibility has become a necessity for retail businesses.

Image via InStitchu.

Our philosophy:

At InStitchu we believe the customer truly comes first. We have learnt that customers exist in many different ways and as a business you should not be dictating how your customers behave. As we continue to roll out more physical showrooms, the business has moved more into the ‘phygital’ world.

We have found that many consumers crave human, real life experiences with their favourite brands. We learned early on that our customers want more than just a website. They want to touch and feel fabrics and talk with a real stylist. 

State of the industry:

We see this as an enormous opportunity — technology and the internet has completely changed the retail landscape, consumers now hold all the power. While businesses used to dictate consumer spending patterns, now it is all they can do to keep up with consumer needs.

Customers are now demanding a shopping experience tailored to their specific lifestyle. InStitchu’s omnichannel strategy is essential in creating a flexible shopping experience, and attracts a diverse range of consumers.

Image via InStitchu.

Looking ahead:

With consumers demanding more convenience from their favourite brands we are looking to expand our team of travelling style consultants. These consultants will be available to visit our customers in their workplace or homes (for wedding groups) to increase the accessibility of the InStitchu product.

Customers will also be able to book and re-order their favourite products easily through their mobile phones. We are currently looking into features that would allow customers to measure themselves on their phones as well!

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