Pocket Guide: Sydney shopping as told by Victoria Garcia, Surrocodelia

Victoria Garcia of Surrocodelia is an artist, dreamer, and all round romantic soul, who brings the beautiful details of the world into her illustrations, paintings, and textile designs. Having designed prints for Australian brands such as Sass & Bide and Something Else, Booodl caught up with her to talk inspiration, textiles, and her art.

On designer fashion.

I don’t have a single favourite label, but I do like attention to detail and eclectic combinations. Anything romantic—I’ve always loved Gail Sorronda. I also have some Sass & Bide pieces that I like to wear now-and-then from my time designing for them.

On being a textile designer.

All the things I love – drawing, painting, art history, science, travel, movies – are able to come together in a really nice way through my work as a textile designer. I love experimenting with different mediums and ideas, and I get to look at and think about the world in a different way through pattern. I collect objects that I find inspiring and interesting like bones, crystals and pressed flowers. Seemingly simple or mundane objects and environments can become incredibly fascinating if you are actively looking for texture and pattern.


On personal style.

There is a sense of ease and simplicity in my look. I tend to be drawn to quality basics – like a beautiful knit or well-cut trouser; as a foil to pieces that are more unexpected, eclectic and personal such as a print, accessory or colour. I have many prints, but they are not trend driven and can sometimes feel like wearable art. A great place to get basics is Uniqlo.

On buying art prints.

AHD Paper Co and Art Pharmacy do a great job supporting local artists and I’ve worked with them for a number of years. My prints are stocked at the MCA Art Store, Blue Dog Posters in Newtown, and Berkelouw Books.

On failsafe shopping in Sydney.

I like to hold onto items for a really long time and would say I’m definitely not an impulse shopper. I’ve been interested in sustainable and ethical fashion like The Social Outfit in Newtown, and think vintage shops are a great place to find amazing things over time. I love their visual spontaneity. The vintage stops all along Crown Street are always interesting. One of my favourite pieces is a heavily beaded, sheer, taupe coloured evening jacket. I have had it for at least 7 years or so now, and found it in an op-shop.

On art supplies.

I still dream about the art supply floor in Tokyo Hands, Japan, however the art supplies I use are fairly standard and can be found at any art shop. Art On King is great.


On current projects.

I’m currently working on a new show titled ‘Nature Palace’ which will be another immersive experience, building from my previous show ‘Surrocodelia’. The show is themed around nature, power and architecture, and is inspired by my travels through India and the Middle East.

I am also working on a textiles label with my brother Pedro who is also a designer, to be launched in the (very) near future!

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