Pocket Guide: Sydney shopping as told by Emilya Colliver, Culture Scouts

Emilya Colliver is a whirlwind creative entrepreneur. She’s not only a curator and art consultant, but the founder of Culture Scouts, a company offering walking culture tours throughout Sydney. Wandering through street-art-adorned laneways and discovering the best shopping hideaways in Sydney, Booodl caught up with Emilya to talk about her favourite finds across Sydney.

Where to find that one-off, bespoke piece…

I honestly could not pick one suburb as the best place to shop. Redfern is a really great location for finding one-off things, especially when strolling down Regent Street. Chee Soon & Fitzgerald has an incredible mix of vintage, one-off classic pieces from kimonos to ceramics. You can end up going home with a Marimekko lampshade and fabric from the 1940s. It’s so beautifully curated. Plus, Seasonal Concepts is always an adventure as it is both a florist and vintage store. We take a lot of people there on our tours and they just love it.

The shop you can’t avoid…

It depends on which suburb you’re in, but there is a really cool place in Newtown just for buttons called All Buttons Great & Small. I went in the other day with some tourists from Singapore and they just couldn’t believe it. I love the idea that if you lose a button off the back of your shirt, you can replace it with something new and creative. And I’m told Baz Lurmann is in there a lot with his partner – it’s one store that is truly a bit random!


Finding those items that you wear again and again…

I can’t stop buying special pieces in Paddington, like my Bianca Spender jumpsuit that I wear all the time. I also recently bought an amazing necklace from Sass & Bide for this big event and never even wore it. I was feeling a bit down the other week, so I put it on to go out during the day and everyone was like, “Emilya – oh my God!” It was outrageous. I love that one piece can have such a huge reaction from so many people.

For unique accessories…

I’m very simple these days. It’s funny how you grow into knowing what your style is and what works for you. I usually go for jewellery to make a statement. Studio Elke jewellery is very good as she’s a beautiful designer. I’ve seen her pieces in both Milk & Thistle and Gorman in Newtown, as well as the MCA giftshop. She’s everywhere.


Shopping for your kids…

Monster Threads in Newtown does the cutest little shirts, with some great illustrations on the front. Plus, they have so many random gifts and knickknacks for me as well as them. There’s a huge mural painted on the wall by the artist Mulga, and if you can’t decide what to buy on his website, you can sometimes find it in Monster Threads.

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