Why we’re celebrating at Booodl this week!

We celebrated an important milestone at Booodl HQ this week: for the first time we hit 3 million Google impressions in a four week period!


Say what now?

It means we helped physical stores be found more easily on Google THREE MILLION TIMES in a month. Given it’s our mission to ensure shoppers find the right physical store (and help retailers drive shoppers visits and sales) this was a pretty stellar moment for us.


Google or Booodl?

We don’t mind how or where you search, as long as you find the right store selling what you want. That’s the aim of the game. You can search for a ‘brand’ or ‘product’ in a particular location on Booodl, or search on Google for nearby stores selling what you want.

We’ll give you a good result, either way.


Our vision is that eventually you’ll be able to ask Siri for “nearby stores selling Nike that take Amex” and get a list of ones matching your request.

We’re making it as easy to find the right store offline as it is online, and helping shoppers find the right store on Google is the first step.

Will you help us spread the word on this exciting milestone? Share this tweet or Facebook post to help us get the message out there.

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