Retail 101: How to market your store using your personal brand

From Elle Macpherson and Heidi Klum to Richard Branson, having a strong personal brand can make a big impact on your business success. So how can you best leverage your own personal brand to market your store better? Here are three simple ways you can use your personal brand to help promote your store.

Showcase what your store is all about

The simplest way to market your store using your personal brand is to showcase what it’s all about. Be your own store’s ambassador. Make the items you sell a part of your life and space. Wear clothing, jewellery or accessories you stock. Furnish your house with furnishings, homewares and items you sell. Use the technology and gadgets you retail.

Tell people about your store if they ask about what you are wearing or where a product you own is from. Style and share images of them on your social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, and make sure you include that they are from your store! Offer your friends and followers an insight into how you personalise items to fit your life and space. Show them the person behind the business and how the two align.


Share your business’s story

Your experiences as a business owner and brand founder are unique and you can use them to market your business by sharing them. Whether it’s a LinkedIn post about what you’ve learnt as a business owner or a blog offering a behind-the-scene glimpse of what your role entails, there are plenty of interesting angles you can explore and share from a firsthand perspective to help market your business.

Champion what makes your store different

Does your business have a defining point of difference that you’re personally proud of or passionate about? If so, you can use these as speaking points, not only to showcase your store, but as an example on a business and industry level.

For example, if your clothing store only stocks sustainable, fair trade and ethical products, you could attend, take part in and offer your voice and time to related industry campaigns and events, such as the Australian Fashion Forum. Or if you are a passionate supporter of emerging Australian designers, you could mentor a young creative, stock their products or offer them employment pathways.

As the business owner and founder, you are the most natural fit for marketing your store. So identify what you love most about your business and share it through your own channels.

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