THE OFFLINE RETAILER: Comparative shopping – How to come out on top

Mobile is changing the way retailers interact with shoppers in a major way. Aside from connecting with and attracting shoppers via social media apps, mobile usage is shaping the way shoppers interact with products, make buying decisions and experience the customer journey. Tapping into these micro-moments is a key opportunity for retailers to influence a shopper’s buying experience and stay ahead of the competition.

The rise of comparative shopping

According to Google, mobile searches for “best” product have grown by more than 50% from 2015 to 2016, while 80% of shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. What this tells retailers is that buying decisions in today’s retail market are influenced by mobile usage more so than ever before.

Mobile searches and more specifically mobile shopping have widened the potential for micro-moments immensely. Whether it’s a didn’t-plan-for-this moment, a time-for-a-new-one moment, or a which-one’s-best moment, shoppers are using their mobile phones as an aid to solve problems, make comparisons and inevitably make their ultimate buying decisions. It’s therefore up to retailers to be ready and digitally active whenever retailers are experiencing these micro-moments in order to be relevant, make a sale, and stay ahead of the comparative shopping competition.


Winning with which-one’s-best moments

The comparative shopping craze is fuelling hundreds of thousands of ‘which-one’s-best?’ moments among shoppers, which is brilliant news for retailers. ‘Which-one’s-best?’ moments (comparing one brand product to another) give retailers the opportunity to market their brand at the exact right moment of the buyer journey. To make the most of these opportunities, a mobile-optimised site for your brand is essential. Even if you don’t offer shoppers the opportunity to shop online, you can still inspire their micro-moments and encourage them to visit you in-store by ensuring your site:

  • Inspires with product images: Ensure images are crisp and uniform. You want to give the customer the best possible overview of your product.
  • Promotes product reviews: Nothing draws in customers like a good review. Apart from offering great product and customer service, reviews can be attained through incentivised competitions.
  • Lists product availability: Nothing will disgruntle a customer like having them show up in-store only to find the product they wanted was just for show on your website. Give them a piece of mind by consistently updating inventory levels and offering a click and collect option.
  • Promotes your bestsellers: Create a sense of hype around new product by featuring it on your homepage. Last chance product should be promoted with a sense of urgency to get shoppers running in-store to snatch it up.
  • Be discoverable: you need to make sure you’re found when shoppers are searching location centrically (e.g. ‘Nike shorts in Bondi’) and comprehensive store directory listing are the way to get started (Booodl’s concept of Store Discovery Optimisation is exactly what this is about).

Micro-moment game changers

After witnessing one too many shoppers browsing on their mobile phones while in-store, global beauty retailer Sephora decided to encourage Sephora-specific which-one’s-best moments by optimising its mobile app for in-store usage. This game-changing move allows Sephora shoppers to scan products while in-store to retrieve product reviews, price comparisons, consumer ratings, and even loyalty information to earn points and redeem gifts. By encouraging in-store mobile micro-moments, Sephora’s mobile orders increased by an impressive 167% in just one year.

But as you know, getting shoppers in-store is the first step.

Register with Booodl today to start increasing your shopper visits and sales with Store Discovery Optimisation.


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