Pocket Guide: Alyssa Schlecht, Co-founder of You, the Earth & Me

Alyssa Schlecht’s passion for humankind and the environment were two key factors that led her to co-found of You, Earth & Me— a shopping oasis in the heart of Sydney’s Newtown that specialises in sustainable, fair trade products for the home, the body and the soul.

We chatted to Alyssa about her favourite shopping experiences in Newtown.

For customer service… 

My favourite store in Newtown for the best customer service would have to be Perfect Potion. The girls who work there are super friendly, kind and very helpful when you need them to be. They’re never too pushy and never make you feel uncomfortable, which is key to great customer service.

For browsing… 

Better Read Than Dead is Newtown’s literary landmark and my favourite place to browse— I love a little intellectual nourishment.

Better Read Than Dead is a great little independent bookstore which carries a fabulous selection of books. The staff are always very friendly and knowledgeable and the shop atmosphere is always peaceful. I also really love to take a weekly browse around The Flower Room—amazing floristry skills reside in there!


For the ‘everytime’ purchase… 

I always walk away from Uturn Recycled Fashion with a great vintage or pre-loved item (or items). They carry both men’s and women’s fashion, and the prices would have to be the best in the area. I always enjoy a good old hunt there every Saturday after work on the way to my car.

For pampering…   

I have been buying my skin care products online from Mukti Organics for quite some time (hence why I now stock them in my own store). I seriously love their products. I buy a lot of their essential oil blends for my oil burner and regularly pruchase little bottle of Frankincense oil to mix with my Mukti Daily Moisturiser. I believe Mukti to be the best organic skincare line out there, and they’re very affordable too!

For gift shopping… 

Nature’s Energy is probably my favourite gift store in Newtown, It has a little bit of everything—from tea and candles to jewellery and crystals. They also offer natural therapy gift vouchers, which are always great prezzie ideas. I also like The Flower Room for little potted succulents, flowers and cacti.

A shop front that entices… 

Nique is my favourite shop for aesthetics in the area. The shop fittings are minimal and plain yet super effective—they have clearly been cleverly designed. The Nique shop fit out very much suits the style of clothing they carry—trendy, minimalist essentials.

Looking for a specific store or item? Booodl will help you find the right store selling what you want.

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