THE OFFLINE RETAILER: to make the most of Store Discovery Optimisation

If online shopping currently accounts for 7.2% of overall retail sales while 90% of shoppers still prefer to shop in-store, why all the hype about e-commerce?

The answer is convenience. Customers are more likely to browse and shop online where they can get exactly what they want rather than drive to their nearest store and search for an item that may not be in stock.

Store Discovery Optimisation (SDO) leverages this shopper habit by making retail brands more discoverable online in order to convert online store search traffic into offline sales. If you are one such retailer jumping on the SDO bandwagon, here are five ways to ensure you’re making the most of SDO.

1. Blurb about your brand

One of the first priorities of SDO is ensuring that your brand is easily discoverable online. You want your shoppers to be able to find you effortlessly and what better way to achieve this than through a solid Google ranking. Google prioritises brands that display up-to-date information about themselves, so make sure your store’s location, opening hours, products, and social media tags are easily accessible online.

2. Add product images

All humans are visual creatures, particularly those who are in the market for some new shoes. Aside from being more visible to Google bots, adding plenty of product images to your website and directory listings, like Booodl, will not only make browsing more productive for your shoppers but also give your discoverability an extra online boost.


3. Engage in SEO optimisation

Even if your end goal is to drive shoppers in-store, SEO is still an important strategy to drive shopper engagement online to become more discoverable. Remember that Google still favours online profiles that make the most of SEO practices, so don’t forget to optimise the SEO capabilities of your online profiles with keyword-rich product descriptions, “alt” attributes on all images, correct metadata, page titles, etc. Retailers can spend a huge amount of money on SEO and SEM activities, and this is where being on Booodl can be hugely beneficial. All profiles are SEO optimised so you’ll be found for relevant location-based searches on Google and Bing. Booodl makes Google work better, so the more information you share on your Booodl store profile, the more you’ll be found in search engines.

4. Create a mobile-friendly platform

With mobile shopping-related searches increasing by 120% in the last year, there’s no denying that the large majority of the population will use their mobile phone to search for products online. Make sure your brand and your products are easily discoverable as well as easily browsed by creating a killer web design that’s optimised for mobile browsing.

5. Become socially discoverable

Making the most of multiple online locations (websites, online directories, etc.) is an assured way to become more discoverable online. With your mobile-friendly website and online directory listings sorted, it’s time to build a social presence. Creating social media profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram will give your brand a valuable level of exposure and add to your level of discoverability. Don’t forget to add your location to your social profiles to ensure your shoppers can find you.

Register with Booodl today to start increasing your shopper visits and sales with Store Discovery Optimisation.


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