THE OFFLINE RETAILER: How to add value to the shopper experience

Staying ahead of the game and in front of the competition in the retail world is no easy feat. Price and promotion used to be the frontrunners for competing retailers but nowadays, retail experiences and technology are high on the list of priorities retailers need to worry about when it comes to creating valuable shopping moments.

So, what does it take to add value to your shoppers’ experiences?

Personal shopping tools

Even though in-store shopping still trumps online shopping hands down – 90% of shoppers still prefer to shop in-store than online – the digital revolution is not lost on today’s increasingly plugged in shoppers.

While shoppers still prefer to complete a purchase in-store, they are never far away from their trusty mobile phones for online browsing and social interaction. In fact, 88% of shoppers use retail apps to assist with their shopping experience. Why? Modern consumers are chasing convenience and unique shopping experiences more than ever and are coming to rely on personal shopping tools such as retail apps, in-store beacon technology [To hyperlink to “beacon technology article” when it goes live]and mobile shopping technologies to grant them these experiences.

Adopting these technologies for your brand is the quickest way to engage your shoppers, generate an experience for them and even create meaningful retail-shopper relationships.


VIP nights

Who doesn’t like to be pampered once in a while? We know that shoppers certainly do, especially those who spend a lot of money in-store and want to be rewarded for their spending efforts.

Organising in-store VIP nights for select shoppers is a great way to give something back to your shoppers, create a sense of community and reward them for their loyalty. While holding a special shopping event for all your shoppers is a nice way to reward everyone, an exclusive VIP night for loyalty card members or your most frequent shoppers can add more value to their overall shopping experience with your brand – after all, your best customers deserve the best experience.

Customer service

Never underestimate the power of outstanding customer service when it comes to creating a valuable shopping experience. It may sound simple but ensuring that your staff is providing the best possible service for your shoppers is essential to creating memorable in-store shopping experiences.

Retailers can transform the retailer-shopper relationship from transactional to personal by providing expert service through their staff. Ensure your staff uphold excellent and consistent customer service with regular training days and staff incentives for those who meet their KPIs.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Shoppers like to feel confident in their purchase, especially if they’ve chosen your brand over other competitors. One way to achieve this is through some sort of purchase guarantee such as a change-of-mind money-back guarantee. It may seem like a small offering but extending your money-back guarantee from the usual 14 days to 30 days or more can ignite a sense of trust and dependability among shoppers.

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