10,000 Shopper Visits!!!

We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We kicked ours off with the exciting news that we hit the 10K shopper visits milestone. Needless to say, beers were drunk and paper monuments were erected in honour.


What exactly does that mean? Of all the people searching on Booodl or Google to find a store selling what they want, more than 10,000 of them successfully headed in-store (each and every one is a shopper visit that wouldn’t have happened  without Booodl).

We’re thrilled to have hit this milestone as it’s a great contribution to our mission of helping physical retail thrive. The more convenient we can make finding the right store, the more shopper visits we’ll see, and the more sales physical retailers can make.

Give it a go today. Use Booodl to find the right store selling what you want.


Are you a retailer?

If you’re a store, brand or mall looking to increase shopper visits and sales, head to www.retail.booodl.com to learn more about Store Discovery Optimisation.



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