The link between mobile optimisation and SDO

A retail store trying to survive offline in an increasingly online world has a lot more to think about than just the right location and products. Even if you’ve got a killer offline presence and your store is in a shopping hotspot, its location means little if you can’t be located online.

It’s time to get online or get left behind.

Smart (phone) shopping 

With 90% of shoppers still preferring to shop in-store, you might be wondering what the big fuss about being online is all about. According to Google, 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone will visit a business within a day, which means that your shoppers are out there looking for you, but not via the White Pages or street signs like in days of old.

Today’s shoppers are extremely diligent with their online research – they’re active, they’re online, and they’re trusting the world wide web even more than their own two feet to point them in the right direction for their next big purchase. It’s your job as a retailer to find a way to grab your customers at the exact moment they’re searching for you.

Mobile: the new front door to your store 

With mobile shopping-related searches increasing by 120% from 2014-2015, it’s clear that mobile optimisation is the gateway to a successful retail marketing plan. If a large majority of your shoppers are trying to connect with you online before visiting you offline, retailers shouldn’t ignore a chance to lure shoppers in via mobile optimisation. As the new front door to your store, making the most of mobile is about optimising your online presence, starting with your discoverability status and your website.

Store Discovery Optimisation 

Your discoverability status refers to how easily your shoppers can find you online. With mobile searches for “where to buy/find/get” increasing 1.3X in the last year, shoppers are hungrier than ever for instant shopping gratification. Store Discovery Optimisation (SDO) uses the principles of SEO to place your location and product information right in the search front line, making it even easier for shoppers to discover your brand or store.

With the discoverability of your store ticked off the list, the next step is to optimise your website for mobile usage. Mobile users (aka your shoppers) view websites differently than desktop users, particularly when it comes to images, page text and scrolling functionality. Improve the functionality of your mobile site and your online presence by displaying easy-to-read text, clearly marked links and social sharing tools, no horizontal scrolling and easily marked geographical pinpoints like store opening hours and location on Google Maps.

By catering to your constantly connected customers through mobile optimisation and SDO, you’d be amazed by how much this can reshape and improve their purchase journey from online to offline.

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