In the words of luxury label founder Sarah Curtis

Sarah J Curtis is an Australian luxury lifestyle label that specialises in beautifully designed and ethically produced hats (and, in the not too distant future, handbags too). The label’s stylish custom-made, wide brim Panama hats for men and women are made from Toquilla straw by artisans in Ecuador. Their women’s fedoras are made with 100 per cent Australian merino wool!

Beautiful and functional, Sarah J Curtis hats are designed to make you look good and protect your face from the Australian sun. Booodl caught up with the label’s busy founder, designer and everything in-between, Sarah Curtis, to learn more about the business.

The Sarah J Curtis story: 

Sarah J Curtisis a luxury label specialising in beautiful hats with a focus on quality craftsmanship and functionality.

I launched my business Sarah J Curtis after being diagnosed with melanoma when I was pregnant with one of my children. The label happened by accident and then shops and fashion buyers that I had worked with in the past [Sarah worked in in sales, marketing and product development for over 12 years for fashion labels including Levi’s, True Religion, Buddhist Punk, Milk and Fabienne Jewellery] started asking me if I could put them in store. Then Zimmermann asked me to do a collection for them and that’s how it started.

What makesSarah J Curtisunique as a business is that it is really hands on. Everything is handmade or hand woven and it’s ethically produced. I work with a gorgeous family in Ecuador that make the hats for me. A percentage of our sales also go back into the flora/fauna research foundation in the Galapagos Islands. They do a lot of disaster relief help so I chose them because of that.


Talking business: 

Sarah J Curtis is sold through stockists nationally and through our online store. The advantage of this is that some people find it hard to buy hats online, so it’s easy for them to go in-store and try them on.

I think having a strong online presence is important for businesses because of brand awareness and having that direct relationship with the consumer.

To be a successful retailer, I think customer service is first and foremost these days, as it helps build customer loyalty.

It’s an exciting time for Sarah J Curtisright now because I am about to launch a handbag collection. I’m just doing the final sampling, so that will be exciting. I love prints, so it’s going to be print on Italian leather. It’s really textured. I love the creative side of it more than anything.

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