Retail 101: 4 tips for refreshing your brand

Businesses of all sizes can use a good refresh every once in a while, especially retail brands whose very livelihood lies in how they look and how they are perceived by their shoppers. If you feel like the look of your brand is getting a bit shabby around the edges, here are five ways to hit refresh.

1. The brand audit

Branding is all about separating yourself from the herd; positively standing out from a sea of competition and cutting through the market noise. If your brand and your branding tactics are not working for you in this regard, it might be time for a brand audit.

Before undergoing a complete refresh or rebrand, it’s wise to assess what is not working about your brand. Is it the look and style of your brand? Are your marketing efforts falling flat? Is customer confidence low? By being able to pinpoint exactly what aspect of the brand is letting the team down, you can begin to repair and move forward.  

Tip #1: Decided you need a new look or logo? Try out Tailor Brands for free.

The brand audit 2. Refresh vs. rebrand

Is it time to rebrand or merely refresh your brand? A complete rebrand is often unnecessary and could end up being a waste of time and money when a simple refresh will do the trick.

Rebranding refers to overhauling the entire look and objective of your brand, from revamping your logo to updating the products you sell, whereas refreshing is more akin to a much-needed facelift.

Before you start dismantling your logo design and looking for different suppliers, you’ll need to decide whether a refresh or a rebrand is going to be the best option.  

Tip #2: Up your branding by creating consistently fresh marketing materials with Canva for Business.

Refresh vs. rebrand3. It’s the little things that matter

As a retail brand, your shoppers are the livelihood of your business. Refreshing your brand with small changes tells them that you’re making improvements to the business to extend the levels of customer satisfaction.

Make a difference to your customers’ in-store experience by ensuring the layout of your store is user-friendly i.e. open and uncramped; give the walls a fresh lick of paint and ensure there is a sitting area as well as comfortable, well lit change rooms.

An in-store refresher should parallel your online branding, so ensure your social channels are updated with useful or inspiring content for your customers and that your online store is just as user-friendly as your bricks and mortar store.

Tip #3: You don’t have to spend the big bucks to revamp your store interior. Our incredibly talented friends at Aje created these stunning hanging flower bombs in-house to add a touch of sophistication to their store. Head to Pinterest for some DIY interior inspiration, tips and tricks.

It’s the little things that matter

4. Get with the times

A brand refresh is the perfect time to do a stocktake on all your activities and make sure you’re keeping up with the technological demands of today’s marketplace. With 90% of shoppers preferring to purchase in-store rather than online, making sure you’re doing everything to drive shopper visits is key.

Start with these questions:

  1. Is your store accurately listed in directories online?
  2. Have you listed your store location in your social profiles?
  3. Do a test: are you found for location-centric searches on Google?

If your brand is not discoverable online, it’s definitely time for a brand refresh.

Booodl can help you become discoverable and minimise leaked shopper visits and sales in-store.

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