Behind the scenes with Incu director Brian Wu

A carefully curated selection of accessories and lifestyle brands, designer clothing and great customer service are at the heart of Incu’s winning retail formula. Established in 2002 by brothers Brian and Vincent Wu, Incu has boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne, alongside an online store. We spoke Brian, Incu Director, to get a behind the scenes take on the business.


Incu is a multi-brand clothing retailer housing a carefully curated selection of contemporary designer brands from around the world.

The name Incu means incubator. When we first started the business we wanted to discover and nurture new and exclusive clothing brands in the Australian marketplace.

The story of how Incu came about is we were bored in our corporate jobs and saw a gap in the marketplace for an interesting clothing retail store.

My role as a director of Incu involves everything from managing staff, buying stock, setting budgets and identifying opportunities.

What makes Incu unique as a business is a carefully edited range of product and a great customer experience.


Incu operates bricks-and-mortar stores alongside an online store. The advantage of offering customers both shopping experiences is to be able to provide different channels in which we can interact with customers. We love the personal experience and interaction we can have with customers in a bricks-and-mortar store, while online allows us to reach a wider audience.

I believe to be a successful retailer you have to have a point of difference and understand the balance between design and ensuring product is commercial.

My three tips for retailers who are starting out are:

  1. Understand cash flow and the funds needed to maintain the business.
  2. Offer a unique customer experience that is inclusive, not exclusive.
  3. Hire great staff.

The qualities needed to be successful in business are a unique product and store environment. Empathy is very important. Being empathetic to customers and to your staff.


It’s an exciting time for Incu right now because we have some exciting growth opportunities with a few more store locations, and we’re also opening larger stores which allows us to better showcase our product range.

Looking ahead to the future, Incu will continue to provide great service to our customers with unique and accessible product in our own unique shopping environment.

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