Is it time to update your POS system?

Having the right point-of-sale (POS) system can make all the difference to the sales success of your retail store. Aside from streamlining the accountancy side of things, an advanced POS system can provide a sophisticated and efficient in-store experience for your shoppers and make you more discoverable. There has never been a better time for retailers to join the digital revolution with the latest in smart retail POS systems.

Technology in retail

In today’s fast-paced economy, shoppers are demanding innovation from retailers. With 90% of transactions still taking place in physical stores, offline retail is a relevant and thriving industry.

However, savvy retailers are advancing the shopping experience by integrating online technologies in their offline stores. How? And more importantly, why? One word: mobile. With 20% of shoppers making in-store purchases via their mobile phone (up 8% this year) it’s obvious that we can’t seem to do anything without a mobile phone in hand these days. You know what they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, which is what retailers can do by joining the digital rat race and using online sales tools to increase offline sales.

Mobile POS 

China is leading the way in terms of advancing the retail industry, with Chinese-shoppers making in-store purchases via mobile phones for several years now. The trend has made its way to our shores, with the benefits of mobile payment tools such as Apple Pay and CardFree being recognised. Since mobile usage is so prominent among shoppers today, these tools can help retailers bridge the gap between online and offline shopping for their customers.

Aside from being super convenient for your shoppers, integrating mobile POS systems into your store can increase your sales with on-the-spot purchasing. Instead of waiting at the counter for shoppers to come to them, retailers can strike while the iron is hot and approach shoppers in-store at the very second they’re making their buying decision. Starbucks and Apple provide the best examples of mobile POS systems. Better yet, if your mobile POS is integrated with your accounting software you and your employees can instantly process credit card payments and email shoppers their receipts.

Convenience is king

In a world where you can order a pair of shoes online and have them in your hands two hours later, convenience in shopping is about as important as taste in a restaurant. Just as much as shoppers are demanding innovation from retailers, they’re demanding convenience too, in the form of location, accessibility, pricing and usability.

If you’re an offline retailer, providing the high levels of convenience online shoppers crave is a great way to increase usability without losing the personal touch that’s intrinsic to owning a physical store.

Last week we published the eight factors fuelling the retail revolution, which found that convenience is a huge part of perceived value (as much as the actual price). 58% of respondents said that convenience was their main influencer for buying online. But what if we could make offline as convenient as online?

Store Discovery Optimisation is the obvious tool at your disposal, enabling shoppers to find you when it’s most convenient to them. But other tools such as advanced in-store POS systems, digital promotions, and product display technology can significantly increase the perceived convenience of bricks-and-mortar.

At Booodl, we’re big fans of Vend POS and even have an integration sorted with them so you can sign up with one click.

Are you a Vend customer? Register with Booodl today to start increasing your shopper visits and sales with Store Discovery Optimisation.

This was originally posted on; Booodl’s microsite dedicated to helping physical retail thrive


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