How social media can help you speak to local shoppers


Social media is an awesome resource for all businesses, especially retailers, as it provides invaluable insights into the way your shoppers think, interact and shop in the retail world. Going beyond simply posting content to your social channels, there are various tools and insights that retailers can utilise to speak to their customers.

Here’s how to make the most of them.   

Localising your local shoppers

Many retailers new to social media marketing quickly fall into the trap of if you build it they will come. While this line is certainly inspiring, it is a no-win social marketing tactic. Before you can build it (aka a social channel), you need to know who you are building it for.

Social media for business is not a popularity contest. While it can be fun watching your page likes or Instagram user numbers go up, remember that social followers can come from just about anywhere – different states and even different countries. So while the likes and comments are flattering, if they’re coming from different continents the chance of an in-store sale is very unlikely. Localising your audience through geo-targeting, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics can help you narrow down your shoppers’ age, gender and location. By narrowing down these specifics, retailers can take retail promotions to a new level by placing products under the noses of social users right when they’re ready to buy. More on that in a minute.

Spotify got it right in their 2014 outreach campaign, using geo-targeting to target Bonnaroo concert attendees.

Social media_B2B_Geotartgeting

Know your audience

Defining the obvious characteristics of your shoppers is a great way to start learning about your audience. For retailers, these characteristics may be evident through the products you’re selling, i.e. women’s apparel or men’s sports shoes, however, it pays to dig a little deeper to learn more about your shoppers’ likes and dislikes. Are they young and like to socialise? Do they spend their free time on family outings? Would the latest Coldplay album get them excited? The more you get to know your audience the more you can appeal to their tastes and hobbies through social interaction.

New products and promotions

Now that you’ve got interested shoppers following you on social media, it’s time to give them what they want. Social channels are great outlets for advertising new products and promotions to shoppers, especially once you’ve localised their whereabouts and gained insights into their shopping habits.

Timely promotions are a great example of making the most of shopper locality through social media. Retailers could inform their local shoppers of sale items and other promotions the day they become available and within a short distance of a shoppers’ location. The sense of immediacy in letting your users know that the products they love are within a short distance and at a discount rate can work wonders for your sales and promotions campaigns. Offering this service to your shoppers is also another great way to encourage brand loyalty.

Here’s a great example from Kookai:

Social media_B2B_Promotional

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