Find the right store faster than ever

We have so much goodness in store for our iOS users this week: a hugely improved app, Booodl for Apple Watch and a much easier tool to find the right store.

We’re excited. We’ve got all the feels. We think you’ll love it. 

Our Product Manager, Nimi, is here to demo all the changes:



82% of us use our phones to check on potential in-store purchases – we’re out and about, we want to find the right store selling what we want, and we turn to our trusty digital sidekick to do it. Sound about right? 

But the way that process currently works isn’t good enough. Google is far from consistently useful for ‘product’ + ‘location’ searches.

We exist to solves this problem and we’re pumped about it! 

The latest set of changes are all designed to make it delightfully simple for you to find the right store:

  • Apple Watch: This release includes Booodl for Apple Watch. Download it to get notifications when products you want are nearby and chat to stores before heading in.
  • Search Improvements: Search is now the hero of the app and provides better results when searching for products (vague or specific) in particular locations. You can also now see stores stocking what you want without adding that product to your list.
  • Reminder List: A new list for all the products you want to receive reminder notifications about when sold nearby.
  • Spotlight Search: We’ve integrated Apple’s Spotlight Search into this build to make it even easier for you to find stores selling what you want.
  • Deep Linking from Google: If you search for a product + location on Google and you have the app installed, clicking a Booodl store search result will take you directly to the relevant page of the app.
  • 3D touch: Improved deep linking so you can get to where you want in the app, fast.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 1.15.11 PM


Feedback is the breakfast of champions and we want yours! Love it? Got some suggestions to make Booodl better? We want to hear from you.

Get in touch at any time via hi[at]

Head to the App Store and get booodling, or go to the new and find the right store selling what you want.

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