5 Things We Loved This Week

Hands up if you love table tennis? You’d be crazy not to love the startup office staple. To take the love affair further, some clever designers have taken this game to a new interactive and digital level – and we’re ready to put our name down on the waiting list for one of these bad boys. But there’s more to this than fun and games, in fact there are a whole heap of other fascinating reads lined up for you to enjoy too.

1) ARTICLE: ‘Human-Centered Isn’t: Closing the People Gap’

There are two gaps that make our tools inadequate for complex challenges, and such gaps are what led to author, Mark Rettig, quitting his job. This insightful article from Medium helps address these gaps, whilst teaching us how to advance practises with a dose of Humans 101, and what that might include.


– Peace

2) REPORT: ‘The 32 Tools This Aussie Founder Uses to Build Her Silicon Valley Startup’

For any Silicon Valley startup, there is always some external assistance beyond the ingenious idea and dedication. For one Aussie Founder, Holly Cardew, has used hundreds of tools to create Pixc– a company helping eCommerce stores optimise online images. Take a look at her 32 top picks ranging from 99Designs for logos, Trello for productivity and even good old Uber!


– George

 3) ARTICLE: ‘New Study Shows Australian Businesses Could Use a Digital Reality Check’

According to a study by IDC and Canon, 82% of Australian businesses are in the midst of fighting their digital transformation journey? So what’s keeping the remaining one-fifth behind? This holds potential loss for some companies who are in need of a serious digital reality check!


– Sebastian

 4) VIDEO: ‘Fractals and the Art of Roughness’

At TED2010, mathematics legend Benoit Mandelbrot sheds light on a theme he first discussed at TED 26 years prior- the extreme complexity of ‘roughness’ and the way that fractal math can find order within patterns that seem beyond comprehension. For all things logic, this one’s worth checking out.


– Netaly

 5) ARTICLE: ‘This Interactive Ping-Pong Table Will Teach You How To Improve Your Skills’

Maybe it’s because Booodl is made up of ping-pong fanatics, or maybe it’s because this invention by German designer Thomas Mayer is just too damn cool not to show. Here is the Table Tennis Trainer: an interactive ping-pong table that uses tracking and projection mapping to display your performances or trajectory of the ball, but also completely transforms the game by adding new visual rules. We’ll take one now thanks!

ping pong 2


– Peace

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