5 Things We Loved This Week

Howdy folks! Whether you were up bright and early for an ANZAC service or out on the streets battling it out in a game of 2-up, we hope you’ve had a refreshing and energized long weekend. Now the kids are back to school, we’re off to work and the traffic is once again a nightmare- but why should that get you down? Did you know that certain music in the workplace can encourage productivity and creativity- no really! Listen in to this week’s ‘5 Favourite Things’ to find out the prized tune:

1) ARTICLE: ‘3 Design Principles Apple Gets Wrong’

Apple’s once legendary user interface has been on the wane for some time now, as its software becomes more complicated and less intuitive, especially in their mobile operating system where aesthetics held more importance than good design practise. But they can still come back from this. In fact, iOS 10 is coming out later this year, and this 5 minute read explains the 3 ideas that should drive it:


– Peace

2) BLOG POST: ‘6 Things That Take Your UX From Above Average Class’

A UX designer’s job is essentially to go beyond visual design and make the best experience possible for the user. They solve the problems that others cannot- deciding whether the presence or absence of features will benefit applications. We recommend reading this blog form InvisionApp on how to take your UX skills to above average.


– Javier

3) ARTICLE: ‘The Best Music for Staying Productive at Worked, Backed by Science’

Music- does it encourage productivity? According to research from Applied Ergonomics and modern studies from Dr. Teresa Lesiuk, it has proven to be consistently helpful in assisting getting tasks done. But the kind of music that is most beneficial? That’s an answer you’ll have to read on to find out!


– George

4) VIDEO: ‘Ted’s Secret to Great Public Speaking’

The all famous Ted Talks have grown on a global scale where some of the greatest minds in technology, entertainment and design come to spread their ideas to the world, with messages from all walks of life. In this video, curator Chris Anderson reveals the secret ingredient that makes every talk so unique.


– Peace

5) ARTICLE: ‘Google Would Like You to Buy Products Using Voice Search’

“Okay Google, find me a 1TB hard drive?” In seconds, Google locates products nearby, and you reply “purchase the one from BestBuy”. This ‘conversational shopping’- a process Google is currently working on according to Principle Engineer Behsahad Behzadi, and could be available sooner than you think!


– Andy

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