5 Retail Updates You Need to Know Today

Friday fun-days call for some good news, and we’ve definitely got some for you! To recap one of our previous posts: Booodl not only re-designed it’s homepage with a refreshing new look, but launched new pages where you can find stores by navigating brands, suburbs or states in order to make your shopping experience that much more seamless- so we hope you enjoy. We’re also stoked to be named Finalists in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards AND the Retail Customer Excellence Award from Inside Retail. A big thank you for the nominations and wishing best of luck to all the other contestants!

Things have also been pumping on the retail scape as we welcome on board Lee Mathews (Paddington), Filomena Natale (Paddington), a whopping 18 Leona Edmiston stores (Paddington, Chifley Plaza, Chadstone, Bondi Junction, Sydney, Chatswood Chase, The Strand, Balmain, Melbourne, Double Bay, Armadale, Carindale, Melbourne Outlet, Brisbane, Queens Plaza and Claremont) and ALL Australian Stockists from Tarocash, YD, Connor, City Chic, Rivers and Autograph!

We’re on a mission to help all retailers increase their Store Discovery Optimisation. If you would like to get on board, all you have to do is head to Booodl and register your store for free.

1) So… What’s Next After Computing?

The computing industry mainly progresses through two cycles, but Medium believes the product cycle is the one deserving of more attention considering it is what drives the computing industry. In fact by analysing past trends and history we can predict the future of tech products. Self-autonomous cars with Google, Apple, Uber and Tesla resources, tech wearables, drones, the ‘Internet of Things’ including Amazon’s Echo, virtual reality from Oculus Rift and even augmented reality have already proved this generation’s cream of the crop. However gadgets are only getting smaller and soon to outnumber the population as we know it. As you might have heard, we are entering a new era, but this article will teach you it’s one worth keeping a keen eye on!


2) Stop, Drop and Deload

There’s more to the clever Tim Ferriss than his podcasts. In fact he recently wrote a fascinating article on the simple act of ‘deloading’ and how it can improve creativity, productivity and overall quality of life (sounds too good to be true right?!) The term is commonly referred to the reduction of exercise and training says T Nation. But it can also be applied to business in the sense of strategically taking time out from intense periods of similar tasks- writing, recording, clearing the inbox, handling accounting- all in order to unplug. From his personal experience, this restorative exercise not only freed up bandwidth but worked some other wonders…


3) Facebook Brings Out the Bots

Bots are about to completely transform the retail user experience. Last week Facebook announced the introduction of chatbots services in the Messenger app, ushering us into a new era of communication with live automated receipts, shipping notifications and messages on offer. Jason Goldberg from Razorfish (and blog ‘Retailgeek’) says while “they’re not very popular in the U.S… things are about to change”. Already users can order flowers by chatting with the 1-800-Flowers account or communicate with shopping bots on the Spring app. The question is no longer if bots will be the norm, but when.


4) 6 Ways Amazon Can Innovate Brick and Mortar Retail

With the intensity and sheer force that e-commerce giants like Amazon hold, there is an expected belief that bricks-and-mortar would become irrelevant. But there’s something that just can’t break brick and mortar, which sparked the opening of Amazon Book Stores and had many questioning why an online store would venture into the physical retail space: shipping costs? Customer interaction? Despite the reason, it is also completely innovating the in-store experience in 6 ways:


5) Retailers: Over-Investing in Omnichannel?

Sportswear is an exciting yet competitive category for retailers, and many have been hopping over hurdles to stay in the race. As stores like Gap and H&M hustle into the trend, traditional sportswear retailers are beginning to feel the pressure. In particular, one sports brand – Finish Line – has had its fair share of disappointment, but recently outlined their long-term plans that involves putting most energy towards physical stores to “inspire the customer through key items and storytelling” says CEO Sam Sato. But does this mean that all retailers have invested too much in omnichannel? RetailWire has compiled the best 9 comments on that discussion.


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