5 Things We Loved This Week

Good morning and a happy Thursday to you all! Before we dive into some weird and wonderful reads, Booodl has some other big news that we love and want to share with you all.

A few days ago we launched a revamped and sleek, new homepage where you can search for a store and the location in order to find the products you want. The site itself has scored a few new additions including suburb and brand pages as well as navigating by state (New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia) for those not too sure of their search specifics. There’s plenty more to come on this front, so be sure to stay in the loop! That’s all from us, so enjoy this week’s ‘5 Things We Love’!

1) ARTICLE: ‘From Phone to Store, The Entire Customer Experience is the Key’

As Retail Dive simply put it, “how consumers shop is changing fast” and it’s become more important than ever for retailers to adapt and take a holistic view on customers’ path to purchase. The first step is to start with mobile. The next step? Find out here:


– George

2) ARTICLE: ‘Phone Case Has Built in Drone for Aerial Selfies’

Just when you thought your mobile couldn’t get any more mobile, in flies ‘Drone-in-a-Phone’, the foldable micro drone fitted to the back of your iPhone and selected by the Gadget Show Live as a finalist. You may ask- why would anyone want a flying phone? And that’s where the people from Buzz Technology start to get real creative:


– Jane

3) ARTICLE: ‘The Rise of Micro-Moments and How to Optimise for Near-Me Search Queries’

According to Google, ‘micro-moments’ are the ‘critical touch point within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends’. Take a look at this insightful article from Search Engine Watch to see how these moments are ones retailers need to be ready for.


– Aidan

4) ARTICLE: ‘SocialRadar’s PlaceKit Promises More Accurate Location Data for Business and Storefront Locations’

With the examples of Google and Apple, online street maps have started to become incredibly accurate in the last few years. However, most maps still lack the preciseness when it comes to knowing an exact store, restaurant or businesses’ location. That’s where SocialRadar’s new PlaceKit comes in…


 5) ARTICLE: ‘Dissatisfied Customer Opens Fire on Taco Truck’

Now for a story to throw a spanner in the works: negative customer experiences. We’ve all witnessed them; if it’s not the complaining, it’s the yelling and stubborn attitude. But this story from KCRA definitely takes the cake as a customer opened fire on a Taco truck after being dissatisfied with the food- yikes!


– Javier

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