5 Things We Loved This Week

The next couple weeks are looking tres busy for team Booodl, so we may be hitting up a wi-fi-enabled bottle or two to ease the pressure (more on that shortly). On the progress front, the response from the Australian retail indusry to the Booodl mission continues to inspire and motivate us. If you’re reading this and you are one of our beloved stores or brands, you rock. More than Chris himself. Have a listen to our CEO and Co-Founder, George Freney, chat all things retail and Store Discovery Optimisation here.

We also received further validation by being invited directly into the semi-finalist pool for the prestigious TiEcon Technology Awards! Any organisation driving disruptive entrepreneurship is A-OK by us. On that note, have you seen Slack’s new headquarters!? All you plant people will be impressed. If not, we recommend taking a look in this week’s ‘5 Favourite Things’:

1) ARTICLE: ‘Ex-Amazon Team Launches Mona, An App that Puts a Personal Shopper in Your Pocket’

Say hello to Mona; the new mobile personal shopper on the block designed by the great minds of former Amazon.com employees. Whilst many apps nowadays provide recommendations and trends, Mona is taking things a step further with what they are calling “missions”. Take a look at what sets Mona apart here:


– George

2) ARTICLE: ‘Wi-Fi Enabled Wine Bottle Could be the Key to a Better Glass’

Now is the time for tech-enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs to find the vino they really love. Technology has already changed the way we interact with food including 3D-printed products like the anti-microbial scrubber! Now it’s continuing this trend with the smart wine bottle- Kuvée. Get a taste of this technology and see how it slides over any regular bottle of wine.


– Jane

3) ARTICLE: ‘Panama Papers and Mossack Fonseca Explained’

The ABC released an unsettling- and unfortunately true- story of an obscure law firm in Central America trying to beat the system; accountable for the world’s largest data leak. This massive security data breach just shows how a global industry of law firms and big banks sell financial secrecy to world leaders, politicians, fraudsters, drug traffickers as well as billionaires, celebrities and sports stars:


– Piers

4) ARTICLE: ‘How to Design Happiness’

Design, at its heart, is about solving problems. And yet according to author Mark Wilson, if everyone’s end goal is to ultimately be happy, then why aren’t designers explaining how they’d build something to make us happy? Read on to see how experts from Lippincott, Disney, and SoulCycle weigh in on how they craft happy experiences.


– Peace

5) ARTICLE: ‘A Look Inside Slack’s New Melbourne HQ’

What’s the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to setting up a new HQ? The coffee, of course! Business Insider sits down with co-founder of Slack, Stewart Butterfield, to discover why the company chose Melbourne and view the pricey U.S $2 million design for the office which reflects the company values. Talk about office envy!


– Anna

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