5 Things We Loved This Week

We may be drawing near the end of another month, but that doesn’t mean we’re lacking in stimulating pieces to share with you all. We’ve got you covered this week with the good and bad of bots and what Facebook’s not telling you, to what can happen when you change 11 lines of JavaScript. Yeah, you may want to sit down for this one:

1) ARTICLE: ‘Why Quartz’s News App is so Much Bigger than News’

The way we view news has revolutionised! Imagine: you open the Quartz news app where a conversation with a bot takes place. It sends you a news topic, and you have the option to either learn more by pressing the emojis, or click “anything else?” to have another topic served. Bon appetite!


– George

2) ARTICLE: ‘How One Developer Just Broke Node, Babel and Thousands of Projects in 11 Lines of Javascript’

The coding world was left to a temporary standstill when Azer Koculu unpublished more than 250 of his modules from NPM and toppled the Javascript tower, leaving programmers staring at their broken work on the screens. How did he do it? Find out here:


– Charley

3) VIDEO: ‘10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation’

Talking, it’s the number one skill we use each and every day. Yet according to Celeste Headlee, conversing is not something we do very well. In this inspiring TED Talk, learn the key ingredients to master great conversation, and if done right, you will “be amazed”.


– Peace

4) ARTICLE: ‘Secret Conversations and In-Store Purchasing Reportedly Coming to Facebook Messenger’

If Facebook Messenger’s basketball gimmick wasn’t enough to keep you preoccupied, then wait until you get a load of this. The platform is looking to roll out new features like in-store payments and new chat options; more efforts at becoming a “retail hub” according to The Information. Best of all, some whispers are uncovering a suggested “secret conversations” option, but we won’t hold our breath!


– Anna

5) ARTICLE: ‘Tay, Microsoft’s AI Chatbot, Gets a Crash Course in Racism from Twitter’

What started off as a harmless bot using Twitter to “experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding”, soon evolved into a neo-Nazi millennial chatbot: commenting on racist ideals as well as Hitler, 9/11 and Donald Trump. The idea behind the artificial intelligence was the more you speak the smarter it gets, but as developers Microsoft and Bing found out, their Tay has no chill. Find out what she said here:


– Jane

Have you had your eye on any interesting pieces of content lately? Share below!

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