5 Things We Loved This Week

You can call us a blender cause we’re really mixing it up this week! From virtual reality, app design, the future of payments, and even some life inspiration just to get both sides of your brain working. Don’t forget to give as a shout when you’ve come across some interesting reads- we’re just as keen to know what this world has going on! As for now, we hope you enjoy our top 5 picks for the week:

1) ARTICLE: ‘Microinterations: The Secret of Great App Design’

Each and every day, human beings use ‘microinteractions’ to experience everyday life, many without even knowing. So how can this process be an essential function in mobile apps? This is when all roads point to user experience.


2) ARTICLE: ‘Queensland Startup: Shop My Town is Bringing Life back to Regional Towns by Helping Businesses Get Online’

With the growing challenge in changing shopping habits online, it’s become an even tougher challenge for regional retailers. Take a look at the innovative story of ‘Shop My Town’ locals, bringing life back to not only brick-and-mortar, but the community itself.


– George

3) ARTICLE: ‘Are Payments Necessary?’

On the forefront of future payment options, machines and wearables are in, cash and cards are out. With constantly evolving technologies appearing more frequently in our everyday lives, it seems there will be no one universal or traditional way to pay. So the question stands- how will we pay? Find out:


– Andy

4) ARTICLE: ‘Life is Short’

You may not need an article to dictate the frantic, uncontrollable and unpredictable elements that sway our lives, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard a friendly reminder. Paul Graham carefully illustrates that while life may be all of these things, what’s more important is paying attention to the time you have. After all, life is short.


5) ARTICLE: ‘The Year of Virtual Reality’

It’s been foreseen for awhile now, but the time has come for virtual reality to go mainstream. Take a look at the ins and outs of this innovative technology, as well as the collection of cool gadgets that come along with it.


– Anna

Have you had your eye on any interesting pieces of content lately? Share below!

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