5 Things We Loved This Week

Cat videos, podcasts galore, periscope… there is plenty of great content to sink your teeth into in this wild and wonderful world. In fact, it can be overwhelming, which is why we bring your our tried and tested favourites from the week to get you inspired. And of course, what’s a tech-company doing if not throwing some gadgets in there for good measure! So pull up a chair, grab your coffee and read on:

1) VIDEO: ‘How to Be an Entrepreneur’

Design your life, choose where you work from, what you work on, and who you work with. Find out how in this 3-minute cleverly animated video brought to you by Devour.


– Peace

2) ARTICLE: ‘Will Finger Doodles Replace Phone Passcodes?’

Sure, Apple offers everything from numerical and alphabetic passcodes to biometric identification, but it appears your iPhones could be further safeguarded by this ONE thing thanks to Google researchers’ technology – Protractor.


– Jane

 3) ARTICLE: ‘Google Testing a Tool that Lets Brands and Public Figures Publish Directly to Search Results’

Google’s got a new gadget up their sleeve that will alter the way consumers and businesses alike view the concept of ‘search’ itself. See how Mike Blumenthal stumbled across this feature while searching for “engagement rings Buffalo.”(On a side note: whether Mike’s search results proved satisfying, we can tell you that Booodl is on a mission to guarantee you find the stores selling the products you search for!)


– Seb

4) ARTICLE: Know your strengths, embrace your flaws, back yourself and worry less.

In celebration of #Internationalwomensday this week, we loved this insightful little piece on the advice 23 female rock-star execs would share with their younger selves. Thanks Business Insider!


– Anna

5) ARTICLE: ‘The Long-Term Effects of Multi-Tasking’

“Single tasking is the new multi-tasking.” In a society constantly connected- jumping from task to task and tab to tab- this interesting read based on Cal Newport’s work, reveals that multi-tasking may do more damage to our brains than we think…


– Peace

Have you had your eye on any interesting pieces of content lately? Share below!

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