5 Things We Loved This Week

Let’s start off by clarifying that what you see above is, indeed, a pigeon with a techno-pack on its back. Why the pidgeon, you ask? Is it an homage to Cher Amie? Or perhaps just the result of a post-Easter egg consumption sugar high? Read on for the answer ladies, gentleman and birds alike. We hope to spread some joy this Easter with our ‘5 Favourite Posts’ of the week!

1) ARTICLE: ‘845 Ways to Win With Conversational Apps’

If you still believe the pre-existing notion conversational apps is merely the exchange of text-infused bubbles between friends, then think again. For instance, how do you explain Facebook Messenger’s new incorporated ‘basketball game’ by sending an emoji? But the real question is how does this translate to 845 business opportunities? Check it out here:


– George

2) ARTICLE: ‘$380 Million Ship May be Named Boaty McBoatface Thanks to an Online Poll’

With every majestic piece of British naval engineering there requires an equally majestic name. And so when the National Environment Research Council decided to dedicate this task to the people online, little did they expect this $380 million royal research appears to have had the name “Boaty McBoatface” bestowed upon it. It’s things like this that remind us how much we love the internet! And why not to crowdsource your name.


– Mick

3) PODCAST: ’The Art of Noticing, And Then Creating’

In this brilliant podcast by innovator, Seth Godin, it describes the current state of our map-less, post-industrial “connection economy”. Instead of merely tolerating change, he emphasises that now is the time to rise to it: to be artists and create in ways that matter to other people.


– Peace

4) ARTICLE: ‘Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously’

“When you don’t take yourself, or anyone else, too seriously you’re free to be different” – wise words from Master Trott while pondering the obituary of one of life’s great creators.


– Anna

5) ARTICLE: ‘Team Built Adorable Tiny Backpacks for Pigeons to Track Air Pollution’

They aren’t your average pigeons. In fact, 10 of these these winged warriors and their miniature backpacks are out to track and record air pollution during peak hour in LondonTake a look at how Plume Labs and DigitasLBi used their ‘light as a feather’, wearable technology to assist the ultimate Pigeon Air Patrol team.


– Jane

Have you had your eye on any interesting pieces of content lately? Share below!

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