5 Things We Loved This Week

There are over ONE BILLION websites scattered around the internet, so we think you’d agree when we say it’s getting harder to fish out the good old quality finds. We’re always reading and sharing interesting content around Booodl HQ so we thought we’d start sharing it with you. Consider this the first of our weekly ‘five favourite finds’. Without further ado, here’s what caught our eye this week.

1) ARTICLE: ‘This Company is Building a Business on your Brainwaves’

Motivation is the driving factor behind the success of a business. So who would have thought that Muse‘s ‘brain-sensing’ headband could be the answer to not only increasing work-ethic, but general well being?


– Jane

2) PODCAST: ‘The Tim Ferriss Show: AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant on Life, Business and Everything in Between’

If it’s not enough that it was nominated by Product Hunt for ‘Podcast of the Year’, take it from us that this Tim Ferris chat with Naval Ravikant (CEO and Co-Founder of Angel List) is a must-listen.

It’s an incredibly insightful and inspiring hour, covering everything from his happiness hacks, most recommended books (we’ve ordered them all) and investing tips. Get amongst it.


– Anna

3) ARTICLE: ‘The Future of Chat Isn’t Al’

It’s no longer a question of if bots are coming, but how. After the success of platforms like Telegram and Slack, we now have a peek into what bots will be able to let you do that the PC, web and mobile have never let you do before.


– George

4) VIDEO: ‘How Robert Herjavec Escaped a Life of Poverty to Become a Millionaire Shark’

Founder of the Herjavec group explains his investment strategy to Eric Schurenberg, president of Inc. Moreover, his thought and approach to his business competition is quite commendable.


– Raj

5) ARTICLE: ‘Mr Drumpf, I Await Your Lawsuit’

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock this week, you’ve seen this.

In short, John Oliver does it again and this time his target was Donald Drumpf. Sorry, Trump. Get acquainted with the trending hashtag.


– Anna


Have you had your eye on any interesting pieces of content lately? Share below!


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