5 Retail Updates You Need to Know Today

We know what you’re thinking- “Booodl, is that really you?” If you’ve kept up with our schedule, then you’ll know we’ve been working night and day on-boarding retail stores and brands so that you can easily find the stores that sell the products you want. And if you haven’t- we apologise for the delay. On that note we’d like to share PLENTY of good news to go around. Firstly, we’ve had retailers pouring out of our ears and we would like to give an official and warm welcome to the following:

Aje (Paddington, The Strand, Brisbane, Chapel St, Aramdale), Carousel Lifestyle (Bondi, Paddington) Minty Meets Munt (Paddington), Bondi Bather (Bondi), Kaliver (Paddington), Bailey Nelson (Paddington), Luom.o (Paddington), T-Luxe (Paddington), Bon Trading Co. (Woollahra), U Win @ Oz Shop, Sportspower (Coffs Harbour), Danoz Direct Showroom (Erskineville), Sheridan (Bondi, Castle Hill, Chatswood Chase, Hornsby, Miranda, Mosman, Carindale, Sunshine Plaza), The Makery Work Shop (Darlinghurst), Workshopped (Surry Hills), Instathreads (Robina), Wolfe and Ordnance (Surry Hills), The Standard Store (Surry Hills) and Paris Texas (Surry Hills).

Big list huh? And that’s only the beginning. In other news, we’ve gathered our daily dose of retail-tech news that will turn your retail world upside down. Take a look:

1) Welcome to the World of ‘Programmatic Commerce’

Visualise this: you wake up in the morning and brew your daily coffee, only to find out you’re running low on stock. Rather than adding another mundane task to your shopping list, the machine instantly does the ordering for you, along with all your other weekly top-ups! We are entering a world where obstacles are solved by data insights and pre-programmed technology. Rachel Arthur, an author from Forbes, writes that programmatic retail “has the potential to really shift the industry forward” and we couldn’t agree more. With companies like Amazon already moving towards this direction, retailers need to take not of this huge opportunity they are presented with- to unify their channels and create a seamless shopping experience both online and offline. We’ve got the offline portion covered 🙂


2) Reebok has us Running for their Products (Literally)!

Fancy taking home a new pair of Reebok runners? The athletic company, along with Swedish ad agency Animal, recently set up a human speed test to let you do just that in promoting the new ZPump 2.0 shoes. Passer-by’s were invited to run past the ad faster than 17km/hour to underline Reebok’s “Be More Human” tagline; encouraging people to keep pushing their limits in exercise and sport, drawing similarities to a campaign by rival shoe company Asics. The ad agency told Adweek this challenge gave consumers an “instant experience”. This recurring trend, providing experiences over ‘stuff’ is one many retailers are jumping on board with, but in this case you get both! Better get in quick.


3) Want it, Text it, Get it

What once may have been science fiction is slowly becoming something of a norm. It’s a frontier of retail that Booodl has already embraced- the rise of message-based assistants. The basic idea of the messaging platform is that whenever you want something, send an SMS or message and it will be resolved. Shopify released an article going into more depth about emerging assistants like ‘Magic’ and ‘Cloe’ that TechCrunch used as a trial to order a live tiger (well, attempted to). Even Facebook announced it’s own personal assistant, ‘Facebook M’ that lives inside the messenger app. Without a doubt, this technology is a growing part of ecommerce, and a way of differentiating yourself in the market against competitors by delivering more personal experiences with your customers.


4) 3D Printing’s ‘Petal’

3D printing is appearing everywhere, and it’s no surprise when the technology meets fashion. However design studio ‘Nervous System’ has upped the ante by creating a 3D-printed dress with thousands of interlocking parts that resemble feathers, petals and scales-talk about bringing out your wild side! The ‘Petal Dress’ as it is being called, will be on display at the #techstyle exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The particular design not only allows for specific measurements and body type, but for a range of movement only possible through what the company is calling a “strategy to compress the Kinematics garments into smaller form… to make complex structures” and thus allow ease of movement. Pretty cool stuff, and this is only the beginning!


5) Does the Key for Omni-Channel Conversions lie in ‘Click & Collect’?

New research from ‘Cybertill’, a leading cloud-based software, has revealed that click and collect services in retail stores are becoming one of the key trends to driving conversions. In the UK, almost three quarters (72%) of shoppers are already using these services, and almost half (49%) of them admit to using them more now than they did a year ago. The fact that this is a growing practise is one thing, but when 65% of these consumers are making additional in-store purchases when picking up these items is a trend retailers should have their eyes peeled for. Ian Tomlinson, CEO and founder of Cybertill  said “with the right integration of communication, click and collect has enormous potential in briding the online and in-store shopping experience.” At Booodl, we agree with the possibilities this process holds, but also believe it’s just as crucial that these stores retain a seamless shopping experience once the customer steps into the store (AKA happy customers all-round!)


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