Booodl’s ‘Inside Retail Technology’ Feature

Over the last few months, Booodl has managed to gain some excellent coverage on our dedicated mission for both retailers and consumers. We’re excited to announce, in addition to this collection, the release of our feature in this month’s issue of ‘Inside Retail Technology’.

In 2016, Booodl is expanding its business to continue making shopping quicker and more convenient for consumers, but also making physical retail stores more discoverable. Central to this process is what we call Store Discovery Optimisaion (SDO) which you can read about here.

SDO uses the best of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to convert online searches to in-store visits, therefore helping boost sales.

Here’s the best part: stores are able to create their own retail profile for free, listing their products and categories (the more detailed the better!) and have Google’s structured data index this content. The result? Your SEO and SDO are dramatically improved. For example, in January Booodl retail stores appeared in Google search results over one million times.

We’ve been working around the clock to make this possible, and couldn’t be more thankful for the support we’ve received.

Get your store involved for free at

Until next time,

Team Booodl 🙂









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