2016: Big Plans in Store

The next steps for SDO

We wrote about Store Discovery Optimisation (SDO) last year. It’s the Booodl take on SEO, i.e. making sure your product or service gets discovered, and it’s central to the way we think about retail.

SEO refers exclusively to your online discoverability through search engines likes Google, and SDO is the application of these principle to the offline realm. For retail stores – the backbone of our business – this means making sure their physical shop is easily discovered, therefore driving more customers in-store and making more sales.

Sounds simple? Not quite.

Finding a way to drive customers into stores in a non-intrusive manner is no small feat. Sure, there are beacons and other NFC tech that can alert nearby consumers and help bring people into your shop, but this tends to be in a “broadcasting all” manner rather than in a way tailored to shoppers’ personal wants and needs.

That’s where we’re trying to do something special.

Booodl users get notified when they are near a store that sells something they want (and only something they want) based on products they’ve listed. Users can also search for an item (let’s says ‘Nike Free Runs’ for example) and immediately see nearby sellers where they can make the desired purchase. Much like searching on Google and getting online stores, users can search on Booodl and get nearby stores.

It’s SEO in the physical retail world.


Then this happened

We saw the concept of SDO take a leap forward in the busy holiday period. Booodl store profiles appeared over 600,000 times in Google search results! Across the 15,000 Aussie stores on Booodl that’s around 40 times per store. To give you an example, if you search ‘Navman Bondi Junction’ you’ll see the Bondi Junction JB Hi-Fi store profile appear on the first page.

This is huge. Not only does Booodl direct its users into your store when they’re in the area, but those with a store presence will show up in general product and location-based Google searches. The potential is huge.


How it works

When stores register on Booodl they build out their retail profile with the types of products and categories they sell. The more detailed this is, the better. We use Google’s Structured Data to make sure that all this content can be understood and indexed, which means that your SEO (or should we say SDO) is dramatically improved.

That’s why it’s incredibly important for stores to take control of their Booodl profile page and flesh out their details.

Thankfully, you can do that here AND it’s free.

SDO is new territory and we’re getting a head start, which means your store can too. We’re looking forward to seeing how this one plays out in 2016 – we’ve got big expectations!


Get your store involved for free at booodl.com/retail.


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