Are you Retail Ready? 5 Things your Store Should do Before Christmas

The C word is enough to make any retail worker shudder: the hours, the crowds, the excess stock to move and, not to mention, the fact that there are only 3 days to go. Insert: santa emoji.

You can’t avoid it, Christmas is here. It’s one of the busiest and most important times of the year for physical retail stores. Have you made the most of the festive season?

If you’re all over your sales targets, awesome. If not, the good news is that these coming few days very important – and we’re here to help you make the most of the last minute rush.

Did you know a UK study just found that 6.7m leave Christmas shopping until December 24th, with one in ten buying last minute gifts from a petrol station!?

While we can’t draw direct parallels between us and the motherland, it seems the situation is no different here (particularly for the fellas). Google reported that “gift for wife” exploded in the week before Christmas, peaking on December 22nd. If you sell lovely products for the ladies, there’s a marketing idea right there – pitch exclusively to males.

That aside, what tactics can you implement in the next few days? We’ve pulled together a list of these small-effort-big-reward to-dos to up your Christmas store visits and sales.

  1. Opening Hours

Increasing your hours over Christmas is almost mandatory if you want to compete with the big players. People are busy wrapping up loose ends at work and need to be able to rely on late hours to do their Christmas shopping – particularly on the 22nd and 23rd.

If you decide this is an avenue you can take, make sure you publicise it: send out an edm about your updated Christmas hours, and promote it across your social channels (we love Canva for whipping up a lovely little design in seconds).

  1. Real-time gift guides

You may have put together and sent out a gift guide a month or so back, but it’s a good idea to keep the inspiration flowing with real-time gift suggestions. Each day pull together some last minute gift ideas and share across your social accounts in a visual format. Flatlays are great for these (here are some tips for putting together the perfect one).


You could even offer multiple items together with a special bundle price.

Include in your copy:

  • Price of items
  • In-store gift wrapping (if available)
  • Hours you’ll be open that day
  • Popular Christmas hashtags to increase your discoverability: #Christmas #lastminute #giftguide #xmasgiftguide #secretsanta etc.
  1. In-store gift guide

The same goes for in your shop: provide Christmas gift inspiration at every touch point with an in-store Christmas gift bundle suggestion. Make it the same gift you promoted on social media for the sake of consistency.

  1. Gift wrapping

Offer your customers a reason to do their last minute Christmas shopping with you by providing extras like in-store gift-wrapping or Christmas cards with every purchase. Being the one-stop-shop for Christmas shopping is very powerful.

  1. Gift cards

Be sure to have plenty of gift cards available in-store in these next few days: they’re a popular solution for the panic-stricken last minute gift buyer!


That’s it! Have you got any tips for making the most of the remaining few days before Christmas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

The Booodl team


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