5 Ways to Shop Smart this Christmas

Christmas has snuck up again – only 9 sleeps to go! Have you got all your gifts sorted? We did a little research and found Aussies waste a whopping 68 million hours (4 hours per person) trying to find stores selling items on their list. On top of that, we found that shopping is by far the most stressful part of Christmas. So, with that in mind, we came up with a few tips to help all you last minute shoppers. Here goes:

1. Set a budget

Take it from us: spare yourself the credit card debt and set a limit!

Otherwise you’ll end up coming home having spent three times what you meant to and googling options for black market kidney selling. It ain’t worth it. What can you spend? Write down a number, then divide it up: friends, family, colleagues, relatives etc. Try one of these clever budgeting apps.

2. Make a list

You wouldn’t hit the road without a [Google] map, so don’t hit the shops without a list. 

First, list all the people you need to buy presents for, then start listing products you need to buy for them. Some of them you’ll be able to get online (if they’ll ship in time!) while the majority you’ll probably want to buy in-store. Once that’s done, start allocating your costs per gift – keeping a little leftover (more on that later).

There are heaps of listing apps out there, but creating yours on Booodl dominates because you’ll get reminded when anything on your list is sold nearby. Win-win.

3. Pick a time

And don’t make it Christmas eve. 

Stores, shopping centres and malls are crazy this time of year. There’s hair-pulling, item-stealing and a general case of cray. Maybe it’s not quite that bad but you get the idea.

Instead of hitting the shops in peak season, why not try and grab a few items off-peak, so to speak. Think lunch breaks: hit your local shops or jump in an uber and tick off a few list items. Or try and pick the times when others are either still in bed (hello Saturday morning) to conquer your list.

If you’re not sure what stores are around you, just open the Booodl app to view nearby stores and browse their products before heading in.

20151103_booodl_ui_map (1).png

4. Do your research!

So you don’t waste time in-store.

Need a little inspiration? Go online and browse your favourite brands (or shopping centres like Westfield) to get some ideas and benchmarks for pricing. This will save you from the aimless wandering of an uncertain shopper. If you can get it online (and it will ship in time) go for it! If not and it’s the kind of product you want to see first, add it to your list so you can find closeby shops and get reminded when it’s sold nearby.

One time-saving feature our users love is Chat. So you can avoid those frustrating moments when the store doesn’t stock what you want, or they’ve sold out, message them before heading in to confirm.

20151103_booodl_ui_pickup (1)

5. Have a last-minute backup plan

In case your Great Great Aunt rocks up unannounced.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a present and having nothing to give in return. Awkwardness. Don’t get caught empty handed by having a couple generic backups with you for your Chrissy events: a few blank cards, chocolates, a bottle of wine, an Oxfam charity gift etc.


That’s it, friends. Have you got any Christmas shopping tips to share? Tell us in the comments.

And if you haven’t got the Booodl app yet, download it from the App Store or Play Store and make your list today.

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