5 Retail Updates you Need to Know Today

We’re going to join the crowd in celebrating (and posting) the beauty that is summer: with longer nights and excessive trips to the beach, we couldn’t think of a more enjoyable way to conclude the year. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there is still the Christmas shopping to do! Booodl’s latest update has our users one step ahead of the crowds this festive season, which only means more time for losing yourself in this week’s retail wrap up:

1) Let’s get phygital- Sephora strengthens consumer interactivity

If Sephora’s perfectly-aligned, lavish array of cosmetics wasn’t enough of a tease for the beauty enthusiasts these days, then hold on tight to your hats mascara when you hear about their next step! Last week, the French cosmetic company already (and cleverly) leveraged social media platforms including Snapchat: by presenting viewer’s with a glimpse of the promotions on offer, only fully accessible through app downloads. This week, they are at it again with the opening of a concept store in San Francisco that incorporates interactive, beauty workshops and tutorials via Youtube, as well as shoppable screens all-round! We think this is a good example of appropriating digital features in a physical space, but worth keeping in mind that authenticity is key!


2) New Balance’s new design

In a recent article from TechCrunch, shoes and apparel brand New Balance has attempted the tech take over with their forthcoming 3D-printed running shoes! While these kicks won’t be entirely 3D printed, the supportive midsole will be entirely designed from 3D Systems’ elastomeric powder SLS material called DuraForm Flex TPU. Breaking down this technical jargon, it means the process will allow for greater control over shoe designs based on geometrics, and various fits depending on how athletes run down to the shape of their feet. New Balance is really putting their best foot forward into the future of retail!


3) Discover, try and buy with Telstra

Just as Apple, Microsoft and HP have done so before, telecom giant Telstra is tackling the process of combining digital technology with a physical, retail environment. Last week the company announced the opening of a flagship “Discovery” store in central Melbourne: one including a collection of bags, tech accessories, tablets, PC’s, controllers and cameras, but with a whole new interactive premise! Customers can use devices in store to research details about the items, and “seamlessly switch between physical and digital experiences as they explore” says General Managing Director, Andrew Coull.  Telstra also hopes to implement this in all of their retail stores, an initiative we love to hear!


4) Zara to zest up its retail stores

We all know that dressing room question: “How’s it all going in there?” Well as it turns out, we may no longer have to reply with the typical “I’m fine thanks!” (when in reality you’ve picked a size too small and the complete wrong colour). Fashion retailer Zara has planned to deck out its dressing rooms with iPads so that these requests can be completed on your own time and with the touch of a button. Taking a similar approach to Bloomingdales and Nordstrom’s touchscreen mirrors in the US, Zara is still deciding on whether to implement these ‘smart-rooms’ in its other 2000 stores worldwide. How could you say no to brick-and-mortar with an edge!?


5) PSFK Labs cooks up another crucial retail trend

PSFK is at it again! This week the retail examiners unveiled a key trend that many leave unnoticed. Kenyatta Cheese, Creative Director of Everybody at once said “it is now crucial to inspire product confidence in our users.” Home goods retailer, Pirch, exemplified this idea  by allowing customers to be up close and personal to test high-end appliances, going one step further by incorporating showrooms  filled with chefs and spas (oh my!) Similarly, Try.com mirrored this hands-on experience by allowing customers to purchase clothes to try on at home, sending back the ones they don’t want with a prepaid ‘try’ label. And on the menu for dessert, we have Lululemon! The active wear brand is getting empathetic, now categorising their pants into fits and how they make the customer feel while working out. Here at Booodl, we love to see companies taking the guesswork out of retail, leaving only opportunities for their customers to plan and accelerate shopping experiences seamlessly!


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