5 Retail Updates you Need to Know Today

Booodl has been bustling with excitement since the announcement of our two App Design Awards! But don’t fret, we haven’t forgotten about you… we’ve lined up all of this week’s retail tech news in our latest retail wrap up. Have a read yourself:

  1. Go figure! Techno tights that fit “Like A Glove”

We’ve all been there. Finding a pair of killer jeans can take a while (if not longer) when shopping online. Needless to say, sizing can be a tough cookie to crack. Thankfully, “LikeAGlove” have released the world’s first Bluetooth connected smart leggings, which take into consideration the different shapes and curves of shoppers’ bodies. To find the user’s shape takes a matter of seconds: simply put on the Smart Leggings, turn them on, and press ‘measure’ in the app. The data is transferred to the app and cross referenced with measurements of popular brands, models and sizes which the app recommends pairs will suit best, with the link to the retailer’s website for purchase. You know what they say: one size app fits all!


2. Snap n’ shop: Mastercard’s plan to make payments ‘selfie-safe’

In an attempt to cutting down fraud, Mastercard has followed Apple’s lead in biometrics by experimenting with a new program that requires consumers to approve purchases through a facial scan. The technology works through a downloaded app installed on the iPhone which is linked to the card account. When the customer wants to make an online payment, the app will ask for verification in the form of a fingerprint or ‘selfie’, which is taken by fitting your face into the circle and blinking. CNN Money reports that an algorithm is extracted from crucial points within the photos, making it impossible for servers to hack your selfie data and recreate your face. Mastercard is determined to pull this off, claiming to have partnered with every smartphone company including Apple, BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft and Samsung to get the ball rolling!


3. Flybuy’s innovation for brick-and-mortar retailers

In a fast-paced, technologically-driven world, it’s almost inevitable that ECommerce is selling everywhere and anywhere. However FlyBuy, a Seattle based app founded in 2014, is assisting brick-and-mortar retailers reach customers by offering curb side pickup services. By processing orders and notifying retailers when customers are ready for pick up, they hope to allow physical retailers to make sure even the busiest of people are satisfied. Ric Merrifield, President of FlyBuy, said the small benefit of consumers not having to remove themselves from cars or not pay for parking has had a great impact. Although situated in Seattle, the company sees potential for this collaboration to grow. Here at Booodl, we acknowledge the increasingly eCommerce-driven environment, and strongly value the app’s drive for shifting consumer opinions on where and how to engage with brick-and-mortar retailers. PayPal, you’ve got our attention!


4. Facebook in full throttle for e-commerce push

A recent post by RetailDive has highlighted Facebook’s test on two new major ways to shop on their app. The social media site claimed that approximately 50% of their users visit their site to search for products. This has pushed them to trial an in-app shopping section: a purely dedicated “place for people to more easily discover, share, and purchase products” according to their blog post. Not only will retailers and products in this shopping feed be customised to shoppers’ preferences and interests, but will users to spend more time on the site. This testing phase is also accompanied by immersive ads, coined “Canvas” ads by Facebook, which load and play more quickly and no longer redirecting users to other sites. Definitely a space worth keeping an eye on.


5. No time to shop? No problem. Here’s one for the boys…

They describe themselves as “a decisive guide to curated luxury”. Curatum – a new, dynamic discovery app built exclusively for men – covers a broad spectrum of luxury goods including home furnishings, accessories and menswear. The catch? Only one item is posted per day based on customised recommendations through the ‘Tailored To You’ feature. An interactive map then displays where these items are located in the world, and users may also access previous pieces presented for further inspiration. Integrated with Apple Pay, users now have access to a smooth, single-slick, purchasing process. Our thoughts: simple, yet effective.


What other exciting tech updates have you noticed in the retail sphere this week? Share your finds in the comments!

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