5 Retail Updates you Need to Know Today

At Booodl we believe every great idea requires innovation, determination and a whole lot of creativity! This week we’ve rounded up some new, cutting-edge technologies that encapsulate all of these characteristics, and we think you’ll like what you see.

1. See it, snap it, buy it: Urban Outfitters’ app to include ‘visual search’ feature

It’s every shopper’s dream, and it’s in sight! No longer will the need to search endlessly for that “must-have” as retail chain Urban Outfitters are going beyond standard digital commerce with their intentions set on rejuvenating the shop’s app with the introduction of a ‘visual search’ tool. In collaboration with image recognition and search company, Slyce, the feature will enable consumers to snap an image of a desired item they see. It then scans the retailer’s inventory for identical or similar products, ready to be added to shopping carts for checkout. Whilst work remains on incorporating this tool into the modern-path to purchase, this innovative (and much awaited) idea has the potential to revolutionise the way we shop. We know it won’t be long before a number of retailers hop on board the scan-to-shop spectacular!


2. UNIQLO teaches us you are what you…wear?

“A T-shirt is more than just a T-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are.” This is the slogan for UNIQLO’s line of more than 600 shirts available, where they have taken the art of self-expression to a whole new level. We introduce ‘UMood’, the mood-detecting technology with a sense of style. How it works is simple: the device is placed over the forehead, monitoring brainwaves to collect data about you such as stress, concentration and drowsiness. The result? Images of sleepy kittens, stormy cities and mountaintops are proliferated across the screen. And of course, your prescribed shirt! Safe to say you don’t need any sort of V-neck to tell us how excited we are about this!


3. Active advances in security authentication methods

You know what they say: the power is in your hands. And in this case, it’s true. From the fingerprint detecting iPhone home button to Hollywood’s facial recognition systems in spy films, biometrics is increasingly becoming a technology that is bridging the gap between security and commerce. JCB– a Japanese payment card provider- has teamed up with technology company Futjitsu to create a vein authenticator, requiring consumers to use a swipe of their palms to access their money. Considering the vein is much harder to imitate than fingerprints and facial features, we think this invention can lead to better, safer and smarter card transactions. These plans are also not too far away, with the Japanese planning to roll out their technology on a global scale, and Visa already launching initiatives for several platform authentications- including palm.


4. Paypal promotes seamless payment process in their new update

Media channel, Pyments, has given its viewers insight on what to expect from Paypal’s latest update – a more coherent buying experience for all. Paypal’s ‘vaulted flow’ feature, a Braintree-powered initiative, has made it easier for both consumers and retailers with of more buying options and fewer clicks. Sound efficient enough? It gets better. These vaulted payments also mean the removal of credential collections, which according to Paypal “can particularly help during the mobile commerce experience.” This combo of flexibility, choice and security is a deal we’ll take any day.


5. MikMak mesmerises audiences with their mobile infomercials

MikMak’, the first mobile video shopping network, has released its latest advertising feature labelled Blank Presents. Partnering with corporate giants: American Express, GE and Oxygen Media, these brand-sponsored “minimercials” (as they coined them) offer shoppable video content in the form of 30-second long infomercials that are much more playful, entertaining, spontaneous and all below the $100 price tag. In an age where users are always seeking out new content, we think this idea suits well: dedicating itself to customers by providing more details on product to keep users engaged. Mighty good work MikMak!


Did we miss anything? Add your finds in the comments below!

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