Musings on Team Culture and the Trust Tax

Over the past few months as we worked on our latest update it was really brought home how important trust is in a team.

When you implicitly trust the people you work with, you are able to run quickly and agilely towards a great outcome. There is no need to get bogged down by procedures and documentation. Trust pays for itself.

If you don’t have this trust in place, unfortunately you’re taxed in time, money and productivity. As John Colbert from Corporate Edge puts it, “You need to make sure you’re paying a tax dividend rather than a tax trust.”

In the tech industry time simply can’t afford to be wasted. We need to make sure we’re constantly moving towards an outcome, which for us, is to build the best product possible. We’re lucky we have such strong trust relationships in place at Booodl. It helps us to build both a great team culture and an amazing product!

Our CEO and Founder, George Freney, shares his thoughts in the video below and within this blog post.


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