5 Retail Updates you Need to Know Today

It has been a while since our last Retail Wrap Up, but we promise it’s not without a good reason. Over the past couple of weeks, all of our focus has been on prepping our latest update for release. Since pushing it live last week, we’ve received a wealth of positive feedback – thank you for all of your support. Inspired and energised, we’ve once more delved into the world of retail technology to bring you the five coolest (in our humble opinion) updates from around the globe. We hope you enjoy!


1) Twitter will soon be shoppable!

It seems everywhere we turn we’re bombarded with buy button news. In the latest headline, social media giant Twitter has announced they’re integrating their own variation within their platform. They’re teaming up with the online marketplace, Shopify (and their 100,000 merchants) to expand the range of shoppable retailers. To make matters even better Twitter have also stated that “users will get access to offers and merchandise they can’t get anywhere else and can act on them right in the app.” Shopaholics beware. http://goo.gl/RvsSRF

2) Online shopping gets even more SPECtacular,

In a reflection of the times, creative agency, Smashing Ideas, have unveiled a smart mirror that allows shoppers to virtually try on 10,000 different glasses. All from the convenience of a smartphone! The technology makes use of a phone’s camera, and from there, shoppers can select their choice of frame; viewing it from any angle. The only tricky part here is picking the fairest of them all! http://goo.gl/qJKXy9

3) Making the cut: shopping apps done well

Retail Dive have released an interesting feature piece exploring the role of shopping apps within the marketplace. According to Forbes, 47% of millennials have downloaded a mobile shopping app. 54% say they downloaded a native app, as the experience is much better. However, despite the fact people recognise the daily need for shopping apps, it still remains a challenge to break into people’s “top five”. Providing a delightful, seamless experience is key to breaking through. To do what they do well shopping apps need to include: specialised content, added engagement, notifications, incentives and consumer to business messaging. We’ve long recognised the need for these elements, and have worked hard to integrate them within Booodl to add value to peoples lives: http://goo.gl/F4PjMK

4) Target employs beacon technology

Target has joined the likes of Macys and Nordstrom in implementing in-store beacons. The adoption of this technology is one method through which Target hopes to amp up their customer experience. Eddie Baeb, a Target representative, explains: “The way we want to leverage this technology in physical stores is by adding the elements that you typically find while online shopping — personal recommendations, for instance — to an in-store experience.” It has long been a fact that shoppers prefer personalised, tailored shopping, one can only hope this move results in check-outs: http://goo.gl/vJGBVz

5) Personal style just got a whole new meaning

Fashion just got a lot more personal thanks to the label Project Abstract_. They’re interpreting shoppers’ facial expressions and personal stories into one-off pieces of clothing. Shoppers simply record themselves via a webcam, then write a personal story, at which point the team at Project Abstract_ will analyse the content and come up with a unique design. They hope that by doing this waste will be reduced, as it enhances the emotional connection to a garment. Gotta love sustainability with an abstract twist: http://goo.gl/tyJZez

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