6 Retail Updates you Need to Know Today

While still young, July is BUSY: Winter is making itself known, it’s tax time, we’re working on an exciting update (more on that later), and tomorrow is American Independence Day. Phew! In these not so simple times things are moving full steam ahead and retail technology is no exception. Here are the 6 updates that have caught our eye this week – number 6 is particularly exciting!


1) Pinterest buy buttons are live!

We’ve written at length about Pinterest’s Buy Buttons, and now they’re finally here for iPad and iPhone users. According to the following article, 93% of users use Pinterest to plan for purchases, while 87% have said they’ve purchased something because of the site. Although it’s still early days for the technology, those stats can’t be disputed: http://goo.gl/Y2x51N

2) Mastercard’s priceless facial recognition

Mastercard is testing out facial recognition software as a form of payment, with plans to roll it out to customers over the next few months. All shoppers need to do is hold up their phone, blink once they see their face in a mirror image – and hey presto the item has been paid for. Passwords are so last year! http://goo.gl/jO06MZ

3) H&M launching new brand

H&M is adding another brand to its roundup. While not much else is known on this mysterious new venture, it will join the proven ranks of Cheap Monday, Monki, & Other Stories and Cos. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for another amazing designer collab: http://goo.gl/UfZFpn

4) Fashion, Style, Snapchat

Snapchat has joined forces with Lilly Pulitzer to bring a range of colourful filters to users phones once they’re in-store. Pulitzer is the first retailer to employ geofilters; allowing users to share their location, through a creative, preppy overlay on their images. Gotta love that: http://goo.gl/qWBrm5

5) Shazam for retail may soon be a thing

Shazam may be expanding into the world of retail technology – meaning that the same technology that identifies audio clips, may soon be able to recognise the products in photos. While this is still in conceptual phases, it’s way too cool not to mention! http://goo.gl/guxPxk

6) Pave the way to sales with video

Retail Dive has released a great article, maintaining that video is the next medium to convert sales for retailers. Banner ads are notoriously ignored, while 96% of shoppers have admitted that videos are helpful. Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto, said to Retail Dive, “Photos got us there for a long time, but now when you go to a website and there’s nothing moving, it starts to feel stale.” This is definitely an upcoming avenue and we suggest having a read, there are a lot of great insights: http://goo.gl/glqD0b

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