6 Retail Updates you Need to Know Today

It may have been a short week this week, but the world of retail slows for no one (not even the Queen). There’s been a wealth of news over the past few days, so without further ado, let’s get down to it.


1) Exciting times for Apple Pay

At their Developer Conference, Apple made a slew of announcements. Apple Pay in particular has some exciting times ahead. One such announcement was that Apple Pay will support the loyalty cards of select retailers (Dunkin’ Donuts is included – that’s all we need to know). This means that the service will now support merchant’s customer-loyalty programmes, which it was previously lacking. You can read the full list here: http://goo.gl/H41NGi

2) Samsung unveils transparent, mirrored display

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Samsung has unveiled a new, Minority Report-esque, interactive transparent mirror for commercial use. The display makes use of Intel’s RealSense technology, to enable gesture control and 3D imaging. The possible applications of this display are endless: from virtual-modelling, demonstrations and advertisements. The future is here folkshttp://goo.gl/XvS8Um

3) Spring offers free shipping

Shopping app, Spring, is yet another company tackling the logistics of delivery. The app is now “offering free shipping on everything.” As items are purchased directly from designers, shipping policies would differ from company to company. Offering a universal free rate to customers, is a very clever strategy: http://goo.gl/uVR7eJ

4) Facebook gifting free beacons

For those of you that didn’t see our blog post yesterday, Facebook is offering free beacons to US retailers. The inclusion of these beacons in-store will allow Facebook to push content to the smartphones of any users located nearby. This is undisputedly a game-changing move that will further the commercial side of the social network. However, we’re of the firm opinion that retailers shouldn’t hand control of notifications over to a third-party. Research has revealed that for beacons to work effectively, notifications must be both relevant and unobtrusive. We can only wait and see how this plays out: http://goo.gl/9XZRXx

5) Tech company takes over NBA flagship store

The National Basketball Association has hired Fanatics, an online sports apparel retailer, to run their New York flagship store. This deal is part of an effort to modernise the brand. In an interview, Chris Brennan, the NBA’s retail development head said, “The overriding reason to do this was to create an integrated shopping experience.” As a result customers can expect an update in store technology, interactive games and improved service. Now, that’s a win! http://goo.gl/jSc9yv

6) Omni-channel, as you know it, is changing

In an interesting article, Retail Dive, explore the concept of omni-channel. A report from Deloitte claims retailers need to start thinking of online and offline as an entire entity, not as two separate channels. It is a fascinating read, check it out: http://goo.gl/HJmCKI

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