4 Winter Warmers you Need to Invest In

Winter is well and truly here and we’re feeling the freeze! The realisation that your wardrobe is underprepared for the cold snap is never fun. In light of this, we’ve gone through Booodl and hand selected our favourite winter warmers so y’all can put your feet up and chill out, (sorry couldn’t resist).

1) Cable Knit

A traditional cable knit is to winter what swimsuits are to summer. Nothing speaks of cozy-outdoor winter times more than a cable. We love the detailing through Industrie’s Gallaway Knit. No need for ladies to feel left out here; if you’ve been after a boyfriend cardigan this is it!


2) Boot it

Never underestimate the transformative power of a black ankle boot – they’re truly versatile and always stylish. Wittner’s best selling Gabrie Boot has caught our eye of late – we just can’t get enough of that cut out!


3) Hat trick

We’re going to share a trick we’ve learnt with you (note: this may be common knowledge but we just discovered it and are going to share it anyway). Woollen hats are JUST as effective at keeping your head warm as beanies (cue shock and awe)…while we love beanies sometimes life calls for something a little sharper. Men, for you there’s Roger David’s Festival Hat. We can’t go past Country Road’s Mid Brim Fedora for women.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.42.18 pm

4) Aviator Jacket

Ladies, this is the season to channel your inner fighter pilot with a shearling jacket. Marcs has put their own spin on this trend with their navy Biker Shearling Jacket. Fire up the jet engines!


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