6 Awesome Retail Updates

While filming Raj’s video this week (and uncovering a superstar in the process), we came to realise that it was a perfect time to delve once more into the world of retail technology. Like our technological challenges, this week’s retail wrap up was a labour of love. Let us know your thoughts.


1) IKEA’s latest fashion collab 

Scandinavian powerhouse, IKEA, will be launching a limited edition furniture series designed in collaboration with Walter Van Beirendonck. The series will launch in June 2016 and will feature five prints that revolve around five characters who live in the clouds, tormented by the tears of the sun and the moon. Beirendonck is known for his controversial messaging so one can only wait and see what he’ll bring to the table: http://goo.gl/zvzIn6

2) Face-reading products.

Advertisers are utilising facial recognition software to gauge the reaction of consumers to ads. Nicholas Langevekld CEO of Affectiva, a leader in facial coding, said “Asking someone ‘How does it make you feel?’ is just not as good as being able to observe in reality how they are feeling.” Can’t dispute that logic. It will be interesting to see whether retailers will take up this technology, intergrating it during product test phases: http://goo.gl/IFUhIK

3) Silicon Valley Fashion Week

When Betabrand announced their Silicon Valley Fashion Week event they were met with a fair amount of snark from the fashion set. However what Betabrand unveiled, was a technical wonderland – model drones flew garments down the runway and parades of LED vests and 3-D printed hats and fibre optic dresses hit the runway. The event served as a prediction of sorts – that fashion and tech are walking hand in hand into the future (so snark on that): http://goo.gl/xn6KS1

4) Tinder for sneakers

Heads up Sneaker Freakers, a new sneaker app has hit the market. Slang makes it delightfully simple to trade kicks. A user simply swipes right on the pair they want. Once a match has been made, both parties ship the items to Slang who inspects the products and sends them on – at which point users can put their feet up: http://goo.gl/9ThKrK

5) Virtual reality backstage passes

Dior is handing out backstage passes, but they’re not what you may expect. The designer has embraced virtual reality and launched “Dior Eyes”, a virtual reality headset, to give viewers behind-the-scenes access to the fast-paced fashion industry: http://goo.gl/W6jqKR

6) Shop by text

Off the back of their curbside pick up, Nordstrom have rolled out their ‘shop by text’ initiative. Called “TextStyle”, users simply text ‘buy’ to salespeople and the transaction will make use of the details in their Nordstrom.com account. Talk about convenient! http://goo.gl/ssV8VK

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