5 Need-to-Know Retail Updates

Once in a while you hear news that lights up your life; this week has been FILLED with those instances. There have been a stack of exciting updates in the retail space, so much so we can’t pick a favourite – although saying that, Uber testing merchant delivery is up there. We hope you enjoy today’s roundup – we know we have!


1) Net-A-Porter goes social 

Today, high-fashion retailer Net-A-Porter unveiled the world’s first shoppable social network, Net Set.  After creating a profile full of the either wants or haves, a user can see what’s trending as well as follow other stylish members. By far their best feature is ‘Style Match’, which suggests similar purchasable (yes purchasable) products to replicate a look. Watch this space folks, we predict a hit! http://goo.gl/y71Ql5

2) Coles joins the digital revolution. 

Remember the painstaking days of writing a shopping list by hand? The frustration of remembering what you need only to invariably forget something? Coles plans to revolutionise that. They’re currently trialling Hiku, a voice recognition device (not available in Australia yet, sorry folks) that will add items to a digital shopping list on spoken demand. Items are added via the Coles app and from there, should you favour online shopping, can be transferred to checkout: http://goo.gl/orDaoW

3) Farfetch’s store of the future

E-commerce giant Farfetch is looking to the future of retail through an omni-channel shopping experience. As part of their vision they’ve acquired U.K department store Browns. With this, they aim to seamlessly integrate the physical experience of high-end luxury shopping with powerful technology: http://goo.gl/qabHLV

4) Smart mirrors boosting sales 

A few months ago we wrote about smart mirrors and how they improve the customer experience. Well the early stats are in and it looks like they’re achieving their goal. Rebecca Minkoff has reported that the two stores testing the technology are selling stock two and half times faster than expected AND shoppers have increased the amount they buy in one transaction by 30%. Can’t argue with those figures: http://goo.gl/JA7ANu

5) Uber delivery 

Uber is reportedly testing a merchant delivery program that will allow same day delivery. When this headline first hit our screens we could hardly contain our excitement. We’re huge fans of Uber (need proof: check our in-app Uber integration out) and think everything they do is brilliant. Should this take off it will transform store delivery. Read more here: http://goo.gl/S9VcbW

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