5 Retail Updates

Happy hump day all, we hope everyone’s been having a ball. While we thought nothing could cap this week’s Thrones episode (epic!) – we were wrong; the world of retail has been even more eventful! Below is the news that has got us talking over the water cooler. Global-mobile-payments

1) Nordstrom, bringing it to the curb

Nordstrom have started trialling their valet-esque, curbside pickup across 20 stores. Orders are ready within a hour, at which point, shoppers will receive a text to inform them their order is good to go. Talk about convenient! http://bit.ly/1JOWO2E

2) Smart Sense Touch

Indyme, provider of customer engagement technology, has introduced its Smart Sense Touch device. This innovative device detects the handling of merchandise. By doing so, it alerts retail staff to potential sales and possible instances of theft: http://goo.gl/7rSo7p

3) Social Shopa-holics

The hugely successful shopping app Shopa is revolutionising how we buy. Through social media the app highlights what’s trending on social media and what’s being bought through these recommendations. All of this is trackable, yielding in-depth insights into buying behaviour: http://goo.gl/dkqnss

4) Smartphone trackers 

Another little known method of engagement tracking involves the measurement of smartphone signals by a WiFi antennae in-store. By doing this retailers can determine: repeat visitors, who choose not to enter and even how long a customer spends in certain areas! While some may argue this is a bit invasive it has already been utilised by both Nordstrom and Macy’shttps://goo.gl/Y5xyxz

5) Trashy shopping lists 

There’s a new device underway that aims to simplify your life (and shopping). While it’s still in protype form, the GeniCan attaches to your trashcan and can scan barcodes when an item is thrown out. When you’re out of a particular item, simply scan it and it will be saved to a shopping list. Rest assured this is on our shopping list! Read more here: http://goo.gl/JkhsAO

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