7 Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll put you in the Good Books

This weekend, families across the nation will thank their mums for every little thing they do. Whether it be: making chicken soup at 10pm when we’re ill, killing creepy crawlies (while we hide in the bath tub) and for generally being top-notch. To help you say thanks to the most important woman in your life, we’ve found 10 beautiful gifts on Booodl. Happy Mother’s Day Ma!

1) Lush pampering 

Lush’s products make bath time a colourful experience to remember. To put it simply their bath bombs are the bomb (sorry, couldn’t resist).


2) Charming charms

Gorman’s Night Walk Bracelet is a beautiful variation of the classic charm bracelet. Its versatility makes it a great go-to for any jewellery collection. Best part is it’s on sale – talk about a good buy!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.33.26 pm

3) Tilkah clutch

Just like Mum’s choc-chip cookies, Tilkah’s Keira Clutch in Iris is a loveable classic. The gold chain adds just the right amount of bling to an outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.13.47 pm

4) George Jensen vase

Georg Jensen’s Facet Vase is the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful bouquet you’ve undoubtedly got planned. It’s the perfect centrepiece for any table!


6) Watch time

Kate Spade’s Tiny Metro Watch is tiny in size (and name) but not in character. It’s pretty as a picture and works with just about everything.


5) Night care

While some view skincare as a risky buy, the brilliance that is Kiehl’s’ Midnight Recovery Concentrate will have your Ma jumping for joy. This product is a best-seller and for good reason; it’s gentle and effective.


7) Sweet Dreams

Winter is coming and nothing says I love you more than a cozy pair of Peter Alexander pyjamas. His Classic PJ set can’t be beat. Go on, introduce some flannel to your mum’s life – trust us, she’ll thank you for it.


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