4 Exciting Retail Updates

With April drawing to a close, we’re wondering how it’s May already (unbelievable). The first quarter of the year has been eventful to say the least; not only did we launch chat and transact in the space of a month – the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline (stay tuned folks), but in the meantime we thought we’d explore what’s happening in the retail space.


1) Power to the push

According to Retail Dive, push notifications are an extremely valuable sales tool.  Due to the fact they speak directly to users, they’re more likely to lead to a direct action. Retailers have caught onto these benefits; the number of retailers using push notifications jumped 48% between 2012-2013. When combined with beacons and wearables their capabilities will be further extended: http://goo.gl/TJ4yRH

2) Wild Pop-up stores 

Swedish outdoor specialist, Peak Performance have initiated a brilliant campaign that involve secret pop-up stores that give out free merchandise, in remote locations. The promotion is available twice a day in destinations around Europe. When someone reaches a pop-up site (chosen for the beautiful view of course) they access the shop through a web browser and choose between 2-4 free items. This is a very smart way of lifting brand awareness and encouraging their goal of fitness and discovery: http://goo.gl/KqF8JX

3) Iconic drones 

Online retailer The Iconic have announced they plan to use drone delivery in the next two years.  As one of Australia’s leading online retailers this is big news for both shoppers and the Australian airspace.The Iconic are known for speedy order fulfilment (3 hr deliveries, we heart you) so it will be interesting to see whether the drones will see improvement: http://goo.gl/1KY6pL

4) Wearable tech and retail 

BD Live have written a must-read piece that explores how wearable tech will transform retail. The article points out that these devices will become individualised digital assistants that offer personalised information and service. This ties into what we’re doing at Booodl nicely. From the start we’ve seen the app as your very own personal shopper – gotta love a little bit of validation! http://goo.gl/gWbo7O



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