5 Most Popular Products on Booodl

Chat is getting busier by the week it seems – with you, our awesome users, shooting through stacks of questions about wanted items. We’ve started to notice consistent staples on peoples’ lists; you guys really love your sneakers! Without further introduction here are the most popular products on Booodl.

1) Air Max Thea 

Nike’s Air Max Theas are THE most checked-in and asked about item. Despite being sold out nationwide, requests for the white version keep on coming. We’re keeping our fingers (and toes crossed) for a repeat order because these beauties are a classic!


2) Macbook Pro

It seems a lot of you are in the market for a new computer (or at least toying with the idea of one), with the second most popular item being Apple’s Macbook Pro. This hardworking gadget is a great household addition!


3) Nike Free 5.0 

Nike’s revolutionary Free 5.0s are third on the list, and for good reason; they’re casual yet classy and will give a damn comfortable run for both men and women! They come in a range of colours but y’all favour the ever-classic black and white.


4) Tote Bag

Country Road’s iconic Tote Bag is a must-have, whether it be used for the gym, day trips or sleep-overs it’ll fit absolutely everything. They come in a range of patterns for both men and women, so good luck picking a fav!


5) Amazing Face Cleanser

The change in seasons and the freak weather it brings (we haven’t got past that storm Sydney) makes skincare very important. Aesop’s Amazing Face Cleanser is a great refresher for the end of the day. It rounds out our list of top five!


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