5 Retail Updates that will Revolutionise Shopping

Between the Sydney Storm and the Kylie Jenner Challenge it’s definitely been an interesting week – and it’s about to get more so. We’ve been keeping tabs on all things retail and let us tell you there are some very exciting, and whacky, things afoot! Here are our favourite updates that will revolutionise shopping as we know it.


1) Shyp to take on shipping

San Francisco based startup Shyp, is taking on the logistic-fraught challenge of shipping. Users simply snap an image of the item for shipment, push a button within the app and Shyp with send a courier to pick up the items. Tracking numbers are provided after pick-up and each shipment costs a mere $5. It doesn’t get much better than that! While simple, this idea has clearly resonated with investors, with the app recently announcing it’s raised 50 million in its latest funding round! http://goo.gl/LPkXxL


There’s a new type of customer in town and retailers have set their sights on them. This new demographic comprises people aged 25-34, who’re “High Earners Not Rich Yet”. Retailers are focusing on HENRY’s because they have more spending  power than the middle class and are more common than top earners. Brands are already targeting this group; Target are collaborating with high end designers like Lilly Pulitzer and Burberry is offering some products at price points well-off millennials can afford. There are many other examples that come to mind – it will be interesting to see how retailers cater to this new group: http://goo.gl/4q1H5e

3) PayPal investigating body identification

We’ll admit that we did a double take when we first heard of this. Reportedly, PayPal is looking into developing embeddable, indigestible and injectable (anything -able) devices to replace traditional forms of identification like passwords. Think along the lines of implants, chips and capsules. While remembering different passwords is a pain, this is a difficult idea to swallow: http://goo.gl/hytIaV

4) Robots for retailers?

Toshiba has unveiled a robotic sales receptionist in Japan at Mitsukoshi’s Nihonbashi store. While Aiko Chihira’s role has been limited to greeting and directing customers around the store, Toshiba are looking into developing a more advanced model in an effort to provide exemplary customer service. We just hope it can match TARS’ humour settingshttp://goo.gl/8fVSjH

5) Adidas is going green

Adidas has our oceans in mind – they’ve committed to re-using ocean waste in a variety of their products for 2016. They’re also going to phase out the use of plastic bags in 2,900 of their stores: http://goo.gl/an02Bw

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