4 Products to Keep you Warm and Dry

Outside ‘Stormgeddon’ is raging on and (unless you haven’t ventured outside for the last 30hrs) at some point you’ve most likely been caught in a deluge of rain, wind and all-consuming cold. Inspired by the plight of our fellow Sydneysiders we’ve found four products on Booodl that’ll give you shelter in these less than ideal conditions.

1) Beat the wind

Maybe it’s because we’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones, but we’re digging fur lined parkas at the moment. Not only will one protect you against the wind, but it will keep your noggin warm too. Superdry’s Hooded Super Wind Parka is a great alternative for the ladies and for the fellas we recommend Roger David’s Cleveland Fur Parka.


2) Beat the cold

The benefits of a decent scarf and beanie need no explanation – warm and cozy, they’ll last you a lifetime if treated right. Bassike’s Ribble Beanie is gloriously toasty as is Country Road’s Herringbone Wool Scarf.


3) Beat the rain

We’re big fans of wellies here at Booodl, so much so that we look for any opportunity to pull out ours and relive the childhood glee of jumping in puddles. Jigsaw’s Tall Buckle Wellingtons, will let you wade through Stormgeddon in style!


4) Beat it all

Should the prospect of going outside be too much, why not stay safe and warm in bed! Gorman’s amazing bedding will keep you inspired. We love their Wigwam Quilt!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.50.12 pm


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