4 Products That’ll Help Combat Mondayitis

Another weekend is done and dusted leaving bleary eyed workers scratching their heads and wondering where the days went. We’ve gone through Booodl and picked out our favourite products to help you stave off the Monday blues and increase your productivity – remember, we’re all in this together.

1) Get Physical 

Exercise is a great wakeup call and it’s just as important to look the part. We’ve been inspired by this lovely shot from K is for Kani, so follow her lead and treat yo’ self with some lovely goodies from Nike and Lululemon to get you pumped up for the week ahead. The Free To Be Bra is definitely a winner!


2) Caffeine Hit 

If exercise is not your thing (especially on a Monday), Nespresso is a very effective at waking you up – take our caffeine addicted word for it. Check out their capsule range and make sure you add their deliciousness to your list!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.18.19 pm

3) Add some zest 

It’s inarguable that different scents affect your mood so why not grab yourself a brilliant scented candle for the home or office. For example, citrus is great for boosting productivity! Jo Malone’s Grapefruit Home Candle is our pick – and with rosemary as a back note, a known aid for memory retention, you’ve got double the bang for you buck.


4) Plan your day right 

Kate Spade’s cute and quirky stationary will help you plan your day in a chic and timely manner. We love this notepad set, which is great for tasks that pop up and grab you by surprise – like grabbing your morning coffee or walking the dog.



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